Xponential Fitness partners with Territory Foods to optimize health outcomes for members

IRVINE, Calif.–(COMMERCIAL THREAD)–Xponential Fitness, the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness brands, has partnered with its first official prepared meal partner Territory Foods. Further demonstrating Xponential’s commitment to holistic wellness within and outside its studios; strategic partnership spans four brands, including Pure Barre, Row House, Rumble Boxing and StretchLab, to improve studio members’ healthy eating habits and change lives across the country. As part of the partnership, Territory Foods has curated custom menus of freshly prepared, nutritious and delicious meals to complement each of the Xponential brands’ fitness programs and help members maximize the benefits of each workout, whether it’s barre, rowing, boxing or assisted stretching. Members can register to receive meals from this healthy meal delivery service via a promotional tile link in their brand’s app or on their brand’s website after logging into their member account.

“Xponential Fitness studios offer world-class fitness and wellness experiences in a variety of modalities, but a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle also requires a nutritious diet,” said Sarah Luna, President of Xponential Fitness. “This is where Territory Foods can enhance the member experience, ensuring our members’ exercise and movement goals are supported by healthy eating. This exciting partnership allows us to further expand the value and benefits our members receive from their study enrollment, while supporting their overall health and well-being.

“With over 12 years as the leading nutritional voice in the fitness space, Territory Foods has always stood for the highest quality in healthy eating. We are so excited to partner with Xponential Fitness, which has established itself as a leader in studio fitness and holistic member experiences. Together, we can achieve total results for Xponential members by combining fitness and nutrition through curated programs designed to enhance each member’s holistic health experience. Our product designed by dietitians and expertly crafted by chefs will improve the health and well-being of members and enable studios to offer a new service and benefit that will improve member engagement, all at the click of a button and without the need for clutter retail,” said Ellis McCue, CEO of Territory Foods.

Every week, Territory Foods connects thousands of health-seeking consumers with delicious and wholesome freshly prepared meals made locally in their community through their network of high-quality boutique producers. Using proprietary data science and machine learning algorithms, Territory Foods curates the regionally perfect assortment based on flavor preferences, lifestyle vectors and protein trends.

Custom branded menu curations will be critical to the partnership and member benefits. For example, meals for Pure Barre members can be packed with lean protein, whole grains, and nutritious vegetables to build lean muscle and calm inflammation, as their workouts are focused on low-impact movements that strengthen and tone. the whole body. Whereas, StretchLab’s menu of options prioritizes hydrating foods with lots of antioxidants, omega-3s, fiber, and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help improve mobility and flush out the lactic acid and toxins released with stretching.

Starting with a foundation of anti-inflammatory values ​​and the highest sourcing standards in the industry, Territory Foods’ menu changes weekly to add new items and seasonal options. Each meal is fully cooked and prepared fresh, never frozen and without the preservatives, binders and fillers common in the ready-meal industry. The partnership between Xponential and Territory Foods brings together the expertise of dietitians and chefs with a premium health and wellness member experience, made scalable and easy to access for all Xponential customers.

To learn more about the partnership between Xponential Fitness and Territory Foods, visit eat.territoryfoods.com/xponential/, go to each Xponential brand’s app, or visit your local Pure Barre, Row House, Rumble or StretchLab studio.


Xponential Fitness is the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness brands. Through its mission to make boutique fitness accessible to all, the company operates a diverse platform of ten brands spanning verticals including pilates, indoor cycling, barre, stretching, rowing, dance, boxing, running, functional training and yoga . In partnership with its franchisees, Xponential delivers energetic, accessible, and personalized training experiences led by highly trained instructors at studio locations in 48 US states and Canada, and through master franchises or international expansion agreements in 14 additional countries. Xponential Fitness’ portfolio of brands includes Club Pilates, the largest Pilates brand in the nation; CycleBar, the nation’s largest indoor cycling brand; StretchLab, a concept offering individual and group stretching services; Row House, a high-energy, low-impact indoor rowing workout; AKT, a dance-based cardio workout that combines toning, interval and circuit training; YogaSix, the largest franchised yoga brand; Pure Barre, a total body workout that uses the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements; STRIDE Fitness, a treadmill-based cardio and strength training concept; Rumble, a boxing-inspired full-body workout; and BFT, a functional training and strength-based program. For more information, visit the Company’s website at xponential.com.


Territory Foods is the largest D2C platform of freshly prepared and healthy meals in the United States, serving 48 states through a network of chefs, restaurants and caterers, all driven by proprietary machine learning and recommendation technology, which connects customer preferences to chef selections, facilitated by a national system, first-rate operational network. Founded in 2011 with roots in the fitness community, Territory Foods leverages its 12 years of operating experience to help customers discover meals that are better for you than over 22 different diet styles through commercial trends (paleo, keto, Whole30) and medical needs (diabetes support, DASH). Over a decade later, Territory Foods is still making the best regionally prepared meals designed by dietitians and freshly prepared, with the highest quality ingredients and better nutrition for you. For more information, visit the company’s website atterritorifoods.com or follow @territoryfoods on Instagram.

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