Vida Health’s virtual mental health program achieves significant clinical results in reducing depression and anxiety

SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL LINE) – New research published in JMIR Formative Research shows 3 times more weight loss among those who also reduced depressive symptoms than those who focused on weight loss alone. The new paper from Vida Health adds to the growing body of peer-reviewed research showing that integrated mind and body care is the most effective treatment for chronic conditions.

The results show:

  • 75% of the participants experienced a reduction in depressive symptoms

  • Anxiety scores were reduced by an average of 41% for those with concomitant anxiety and depression

  • Patients who reduced their depression saw 3x more weight loss than those who focused on weight loss alone

  • Patients who experienced improvements in their depression showed consistently better weight loss results than those whose depression did not improve.

  • Reductions in depression may be related to the member’s involvement with Vida. Patients who engaged more with Vida saw greater improvement in their depressive symptoms

The study, Improvements in Depression Outcomes Following a Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Intervention in a Polychronic Population: Retrospective Study examined the effectiveness of a therapist-supported, app-based, 12-week cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program in improvement. symptoms of depression and anxiety in an adult population with a heavy burden of chronic physical diseases including obesity and type 2 diabetes. The study looked at the results of 831 participants. Participants were provided with structured lessons and tools and offered weekly one-to-one video counseling sessions with a licensed therapist for 12 weeks and monthly sessions thereafter. The clinically validated Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-8) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale (GAD-7) were used to assess depression and anxiety, respectively.

“In recent years, we have made tremendous progress in how we treat – and how society views – mental health disorders,” said Patrick Carroll, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Vida Health. “For those suffering from anxiety and depression, virtual mental health care offers immediate access to high-quality care, often at a cheaper price than concrete solutions. It also offers the opportunity for people living with multiple chronic conditions, physical or mental, to receive quality care in one place. We hope these great achievements reinforce the need we have as a company to double virtual care as we seek to bridge the American healthcare gap. ”

“Vida changed my life,” said Debbie W., a Vida member of the largest pool of public schools in the United States, Self-Insured Schools of California. “If Vida weren’t part of my life, I would be an emotional and physical disaster. I have bad times, but now when I get sad I have the tools to analyze and deal with the situation instead of letting every little thing push me over the edge of depression … who I was last year. ”

Vida’s comprehensive virtual health care solutions for chronic physical and mental health conditions serve members in all 50 states in both English and Spanish. Clients include employers such as Boeing, Visa, Cisco, and eBay, along with some of the largest health plans in the country such as the Centene, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. These significant findings are the latest positive results from Vida published in peer-reviewed publications. Vida has demonstrated clinical results in a number of conditions, including diabetes, depression, hypertension, anxiety, and weight loss. Vida is the only virtual chronic care solution in its class to deliver results through a value-based pricing structure that puts 100% of Vida’s rates at risk for chronic physical and mental outcomes.

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Vida Health is a virtual health care company intentionally designed to treat physical and mental conditions together. Vida’s clinically validated approach combines a personalized AI-powered mobile app experience with a nationwide network of high-quality vendors working in a top-tier service team model that maximizes engagement, results and savings. Vida’s app offers video sessions, asynchronous messaging, and digital content and programs to help people prevent and manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, and accompanying mental conditions, such as stress, depression and anxiety. Some of America’s largest employers and health plans trust Vida’s entire health offering. Learn more at

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