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Pictured is an artist’s rendering of what a redesigned streetscape might look like in the city’s medical corridor.

The Jamestown Urban Design Plan 2.0 includes a major focus on the health and wellness district and its potential impact on the community.

While the original city design plan focused on the downtown region near the Northwest Arena, the new city design plan highlights the unique opportunity Jamestown has to develop a thriving health and wellness district that would not only benefit physical and mental health community, but also have a direct impact on the economic development of the Jamestown community.

According to plan, “The region around UPMC Chautauqua Hospital is a regional destination for health care and other community service uses and is one of the most significant employment centers in Chautauqua County.”

The new plan includes improvements to the pedestrian environment, increased walkability, the implementation of green infrastructure and additional health services in the Jamestown Health and Wellness District.

Dr. Lillian Ney, a Jamestown resident and Chautauqua County Health Board member, explained that the original city planning plan was “gather” through collaborative community work through a public-private partnership.

Pictured is a page from Urban Design Plan 2.0 with recommendations for the medical corridor.

“It continues to be a road map for revitalization, economic development and job creation, with emphasis on aesthetics, walkability and the highlighting of natural amenities, including the development of additional green spaces,” she said. “It should continue to incorporate the community’s past and character while also preparing for its future success.”

Ney said the health and wellness district was first discussed many years ago as a “medical corridor” concept. He said the health and wellness district serves as an example of Jamestown maximizing its existing resources and creating a plan for improvements and expansions of those resources.

In recent years, the Health and Wellness District has expanded to include more health care providers in addition to UPMC Chautauqua.

Examples of healthcare providers in the Health and Wellness District include The Chautauqua Center, Western New York Urology Associates, Chautauqua Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, Mental Health Association, Great Lakes Physician Practice. Ney said the Salvation Army, St. Susan Center, Boys and Girls Club, two pharmacies and two churches also contribute to the health and wellness district. The proposed relocation of the Jamestown YMCA is something she believes would also benefit the health and wellness district.

“The district’s designation encourages a continuation of the health and wellness focus in a strategic manner, enabling and encouraging future investors to consider purchasing property and considering adding an amenity that fits the district’s strategy “, she said. “The sum of an integrated strategic focus will add considerable value to the area and community members it serves.”

Revisiting the Urban Plan 2.0

As part of Urban Design Plan 2.0, Ney said the Riverwalk serves as an important link between each of the district’s healthcare providers and organizations. By connecting each of the organizations in the region, she believes the public will have better access to health professionals and organizations will be able to serve the community more effectively.

“Further development of the Riverwalk and a plan to include and enhance green spaces along with the development of increased walkability in the district will add an element of pleasure and peace to those seeking health care and wellness,” she said.

As Jamestown continues to implement Urban Design Plan 2.0, Ney stressed the importance of flexibility and adaptation to any potential changes in the region. For the Health and Wellness District to continue to be successful in the future, he believes flexibility will be of paramount importance.

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