Top Health Officer Breaks Cannabis Research Barriers (Newsletter: 5 September 2022)

Oz says marijuana is “a safer solution” than opioids; hearing of psychedelics MO; The study destroys “stoner” stereotypes about cannabis users

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Helene Langevin, director of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health said marijuana research is “fraught with obstacles” – including its Schedule I status – that must be addressed to unlock studies on areas such as how cannabinoids can serve as “safer tools” than opioids in pain management.

Mehmet Oz, Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate admitted on Fox News that medical cannabis is a “safer solution” for some patients than prescription opioids, even as his campaign attacks Democratic rival John Fetterman, currently lieutenant governor, for his policy reform positions on marijuana and on drugs.

The Missouri House Interim Commission on Veterans Mental Health and Suicide heard testimony on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics as a Republican lawmaker plans to present a reform bill for the next session soon.
A a new study overturns “stoner” stereotypes.discovering that frequent marijuana use “is not associated with apathy [or] effort-based decision making ”and that cannabis users enjoy more pleasure than those who abstain.

  • “Collective evidence does not support amotivational syndrome in non-acutely cannabis users, despite persistent ‘stoner’ stereotypes.”


Former President Donald Trump said Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman, currently lieutenant governor, dresses “like a teenager who gets drunk in his parents’ basement” and said he “supports taxpayer-funded drug dens and the complete decriminalization of drugs. illegal, including heroin, cocaine, crystal methamphetamine and ultra-fentanyl, and among other things he takes them himself. He also has called on lawmakers to institute the death penalty for people selling illegal drugs. Fetterman he responded to the rally, in which his Republican rival Mehmet Oz also spoke, saying: “More and more lies from Trump and Dr. Oz; another day, but it’s the same shit as these two desperate and sad dudes.

Rahul Gupta, director of the White House National Office for Drug Control Policy he avoided a question about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s (D) veto on a bill to allow safe consumption sites for illegal drugs.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse published a FAQ on his proposal to establish a registry of medical cannabis use.

Senator Charles Grassley (RIA) he said he was “in support of medical marijuana, but not on a” willy-nilly “basis.”

Representative. Ro Khanna (D-CA) tweeted: “The time has passed to legalize marijuana and cancel all previous offenses for use.”


South Carolina Democratic government candidate Joe Cunningham, a former congressman, tweeted that he supports “full legalization with expunctions for low-level marijuana convictions.”

Pennsylvania House Democrats tweeted about a new marijuana pardon program, saying, “A small mistake in your past shouldn’t define your future, especially when it comes to a crime that wouldn’t be a crime in so many states now.” Democrats in the Senate and the Legislative Black Caucus it also promoted the effort.

A North Dakota The rep said that while he opposes a marijuana legalization initiative in the November ballot, he will respect the will of the voters if they approve it.

A Tennessee the senator said he will continue to work to pass legislation on medical cannabis.

A New York the senator talked about the state’s first round of marijuana dispensary license applications.

that of Massachusetts new high marijuana regulator previously consulted for cannabis companies, including being listed as a partner and manager in one, which was not initially disclosed publicly in the announcement of his selection for the state role.

Montana Regulators have published an annual report noting that there have been no complaints or disciplinary actions involving doctors for making recommendations on medical cannabis in the past year.

the state of Washington regulators raided two unlicensed cannabis companies.

Eleven lawsuits brought against Connecticut the regulatory authorities of rejected marijuana business license applicants have been consolidated.

Michigan regulators have published data showing the continuation reduction in the number of registered medical cannabis patients in the state.

Nevada regulators are urged to reconsider how they calculate cannabis tax rates.

Oregon The Advisory Committee on Marijuana Violation Reclassification Rules will meet on Tuesday.

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that of New York The Children’s Services Administration is reportedly still using marijuana as a basis for removing parental custody despite a ban on doing so in the state legalization law.


Former New Zeland Prime Minister Helen Clark’s foundation released a report calling for a new health-focused approach to methamphetamine. Clark also wrote a editorial on the matter. The country interim minister of health he responded by arguing that the government already has a health-based approach to medication.

Canadian officials gave approval to a harm reduction organization for the distribution of medical cannabis.

The police officer who wrote to London, of England The drug strategy is accused of smoking marijuana on a daily basis.

A video of a man claiming to have smoked marijuana with a Nigerian The presidential candidate’s spokesperson is going viral in the country.


One study found “associations between CBD use and improvements in patients arthritis symptoms and reductions of other drugs “.

One study revealed “evidence of the therapeutic efficacy of CBD oil and CBG oil, in which both oils improve pain and inflammationand improve gait and locomotor activity in [osteoarthritis] mice, representing clinical pain and function ”.


Leader of the Democratic and Republican Party of Oklahoma everyone said having a marijuana legalization initiative in the November ballot would likely help Democratic candidates.

The AFL-CIO president has included the cannabis industry on a list of industries where labor organizers are seeing gains, noting, however, that he often hears “a little chuckle” when he talks about it.


An official from the National Labor Relations Office found out Amazon It “failed to establish” that union organizers at a Staten Island, New York facility improperly distributed marijuana to gain workers’ support.

Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. acquired property in Webster, Massachusetts and entered into a lease agreement with a subsidiary of Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.

weed maps published a white paper on trade union organization in the cannabis industry.

Illinois retailers sold $ 129.4 million worth of recreational marijuana products in August.

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