Top 10 Food Manga Ranked


  • Manga titles centered around food offer readers both entertainment and food cravings with their appetizing images and compelling stories.

  • From a mysterious bistro clientele to pastry chefs caught up in conspiracies, these manga explore a variety of settings and themes while keeping food as a key component of the story.

  • Whether it’s a demon lord working at a fast food restaurant or a group surviving in a dragon-infested dungeon by eating enemies, these manga provide unique and compelling narratives alongside their focus on food.

When it comes to manga, there seems to be a genre for almost every topic. Just as most manga readers may want to read about a world adventure or romance between two or more characters, other readers may want to read about an unexpected but popular topic: food.

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Whether it’s food with enchanted powers or a group of characters gathering for a nice meal, there are many manga titles with food as a key component of the story. No matter where the story takes place or what events may take place, these manga titles are sure to give readers a great deal of fun and food cravings.

10 Mystery Dinner at Sangen-tei Bistro

Illustrated by the artist Mementa, Mystery Dinner at Sangen-tei Bistro boasts mouth-watering depictions of the typical food in any fine dining restaurant. Still intriguing is the titular bistro, whose clientele consists of ominous figures eagerly awaiting food tailored to their palettes and preferences.

The main character of Mystery Dinner at Sangen-tei Bistro is Ryuichi Kamisaka, an aspiring actor who didn’t have much luck debuting in the industry. However, after a chance dinner at a Sangen-tei bistro with his sister Kyoko, Ryuichi is suddenly thrust into the position of a waiter in the world of Sangen-tei, which is full of extravagant cuisine and mysterious characters.

9 Patisserie of the Inner Palace

Kokoro's pastries from the Patisserie of the Inner Palace manga

A clear departure from the bistro setting Mystery Dinner at Sangen-tei Bistro, Patisserie of the Inner Palace set in feudal Japan; the manga’s art style clearly reflects this time period, as many characters, locations, and sweets look like they were intricately drawn instead of drawn.

RELATED: The Best Historical Anime RankedThe history of Patisserie of the Inner Palace features Kokoro Yuzuki, a modern-day confectioner who finds herself in Edo, Japan after falling down the stairs. From there, however, Kokoro manages to resume her duties as pastry chef for the shogun, but soon finds herself embroiled in brewing conspiracies.

8 The devil is part time

The official cover art of The Devil's main cast is Part-Timer

Already a popular isekai anime and light novel series in its own right, The devil is part time is an excellent example of a reverse isekai series where a fantasy character or creature is brought up to the present day. Naturally, this means that the characters in question must explore what the present day has to offer, which includes sampling the food of that era.

In this case, former demon lord Sadao Mau and his lackey Shiro are transported to the present day after being defeated by a hero in their world. To make matters worse, the two also have to deal with the typical financial stresses one can experience in the present, which leads Sadao to start working at a fast food restaurant to pay his expenses.

7 Delicious in Dungeon

Laios' party on the cover of Delicious in Dungeon Volume 1

Although some readers may be put off by the simplistic art style, Delicious in Dungeon is by no means a title to look down upon, excelling in its story, themes and application of food in its universe. In particular, this title is particularly appealing to fans of dungeons, dragons, and traditional fantasy, all of which this title delivers in spades.

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The story revolves around Laios, a knight who leads a group that has recently lost a member in a treacherous dungeon inhabited by dragons. Although the party is woefully short on supplies and especially food, Laios comes up with an idea to make up for the lack of preparedness: eat the dungeon’s enemies!

6 Fallen Knight Specialty

Noelle works as a waitress at a cafe in the Specialty for the Fallen Knight manga

Much like Delicious in Dungeon, Fallen Knight Specialty takes place in a traditional fantasy setting; specifically, this setting is divided into three kingdoms, each ruled by humans, beasts, and elves. Also, the art style, courtesy of artist KK, is much more dynamic and expressive, making the series much more casual.

In this manga, waitress Noel struggles to keep her father’s cafe from closing after his untimely death. But before her business can be sold, she is visited by the Holy Knight Lancelot, who has recently awoken from a long sleep and is currently mistaking Noel for his lover from before after being fed buns.

5 A restaurant to another world

Chapter 1 Cover Restaurant Art in Another World

Although the official art style and artwork is colorful and vibrant, the first few moments of A restaurant to another world start as something in a typical adventure style anime; this may create the wrong impression for some readers. But after a few short moments, things change for the better when the main character, Sarah Gold, stumbles upon the secluded titular restaurant.

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In this manga, adventurer Sarah Gold meets waitress Aletta and her chef, both of whom offer her a famous mince cutlet that her grandfather once ate. However, as time passes, Sarah soon learns the restaurant’s secret: it is only open every Saturday and hosts many fancy customers looking for delicious Western food.

4 Sweet rebirth

official Mille MorteIn artwork from the Sweet Reincarnation manga

Sweets are a popular food constantly depicted in manga and anime, and Sweet Reincarnation is no exception to this trend. For readers with a sweet tooth, this manga may be of great interest as this title is as sweet as it is healthy in terms of artwork, premise, and main character.

After a freak accident involving one of his famous desserts, a pastry chef is reincarnated as a nine-year-old boy named Pastry Mille MorteIn, whose sole purpose in life is to make the best apple pie. However, Pastry soon realizes that if he wants to achieve his goal, he will first have to use his newfound manga to rid the land of Mille MorteIn of bandits who want to destroy the land’s food supply.

3 She loves to cook and she loves to eat

Kasuga and Nemoto on the cover of She Likes to Cook and She Likes to Eat Vol.1

Cooking is one of the many ways people can relax, and no manga proves it to be so She loves to cook and she loves to eat. Set in the present day, this manga not only shows delicious food prepared by someone who is truly passionate about cooking, but also shows how food can help create relationships between other people.

Nemo is an indentured laborer who dreams of experimenting with his cooking by making food derived from video games and large portions. Unable to eat that much food, however, she invites her neighbor Kasuga to dine with her, thus beginning a romantic relationship between the two women.

2 Campfire cooking in another world with my absurd skills

Mukuda Tsuyoshi on the cover of Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill Volume 1

Similarly to certain isekai series, Campfire cooking in another world with my absurd skills sees the main character transported into a fantasy world out of nowhere and with a seemingly useless and strange power. But as it turns out, what starts out as a strange power ends up being protagonist Tsuyoshi Mukuda’s saving grace.

After finding himself in a traditional fantasy world, Tsuyoshi is suddenly thrown into a dangerous mission despite his terrifying strength and stats; he is tasked with defeating the Demon Lord and saving the kingdom of Reisegger. His only real skill is ordering food from his old supermarket, a skill that eventually fills the Demon Lord’s stomach so much that he starts asking for more.

1 Let’s buy the land and farm it in a different world

Norio Itonami and his mermaid bride on the cover of Let's Buy the Land and Cultivate it in a Different World Volume 1

Although it may look similar to Campfire cooking in another world with my absurd skills, Let’s buy the land and farm it in a different world can best be likened to farming simulators like Stardew Valley and Sun Haven. This fact alone makes this title one of the most unique in the food genre due to the way the overall universe is set up.

In this title, after being ostracized from a kingdom due to his useless skills, Norio Itonami instead decides to farm his own land and live a secluded life free from the drudgery of his corporate job in his original world. However, thanks to his ability to make full use of the tools at his disposal, Nori finds himself at the center of some strange shenanigans, namely getting a dragon to help him cook and having a mermaid as his bride.

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