The White Bird Clinic expands the mental health counseling department

The White Bird Clinic is expanding its mental health counseling department after years of pandemics have made the need for such services even more urgent.

“Every one of us, the reader who is rolling their eyes on these words, has had a pretty rough two or three years,” said Chris Hecht, executive coordinator of the White Bird Clinic. “We all have.”

But for those with less support, resources and income, additional stressors have made it even harder to cope, Hecht said.

The White Bird Clinic is responding to the need by hiring three new mental health doctors on staff, who will create openings for approximately 40 new clients. In the spring, consulting services will move from 341 E. 12th to 1910 Pearl St., which will give consultants more space to work. For now, all mental health counseling sessions take place remotely via Telehealth.

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