The sports summer camp teaches life lessons to the children of Columbus

Berliner Sports Park may be known for its large diamond-shaped balls and professional softball tournaments, but for four days in June the park is filled with more than 100 young athletes who can dribble a ball, score a goal, or hold in hand. a hockey stick for the ultimate. first time.

The Community Youth Camp is a sports sampling program run by the Columbus Foundation and the Greater Columbus Sports Commission that aims to introduce disadvantaged children between the ages of 6 and 12 to sports they might not otherwise be exposed to.

Last week it was held at the Berliner Sports Park and a second session will take place from Tuesday to June 24 at KIPP Columbus, with registration ending on Friday.

“It’s really just an opportunity to introduce all of these different sports … even to a variety of children who may not have access to those sports, both in their communities and at school,” said Erica Williams, event manager at the committee. sporty.

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