The New Hartland chamber director plans multiple community, corporate events

HARTLAND – A local businesswoman with a passion for horses, polo and event coordination took the helm of the Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce.

Emmalyn Wheaton, a former member of the chamber council, was named the chamber’s new executive director. She started earlier this month.

Wheaton first got involved in the chamber several years ago, founding The Hartland Polo Classic, which began in 2017, after bringing the idea to former executive director, Katie Chuba.

“After attending the polo event for a couple of years, I became a board member (of the chamber) and became more deeply involved in the chamber,” Wheaton said.

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He served a one-year term as chairman of the chamber’s board of directors in 2021.

Wheaton moved to Hartland Township with her family more than 20 years ago after the Detroit Polo Club moved to the township from Milford.

A member of the Grace and Porta team ends up passing the ball, being chased by a Lake Trust competitor in the Hartland Polo Classic on Saturday, June 18, 2022.

A longtime polo player and polo instructor, she headed the Detroit Polo Club and founded the Detroit Polo School.

Wheaton said her husband, a club professional, will take over management duties for the Detroit Polo Club while she focuses on her duties at the chamber.

The Hartland Polo Classic has become a popular annual event and fundraiser.

Katie Chuba, attending her last function as executive director of the Hartland House, poses with Mary Robinson at the Hartland Polo Classic on Saturday, June 18, 2022. Chuba has resigned from her position.

Chuba, who attended the latest polo classic in June, left the classroom to work for the Livonia-based International Hearing Society, a membership association for hearing health professionals. She works as a director of the association’s members.

House members and events coordinator Jennie Ross acted as interim director for a short time after Chuba left.

“For a couple of years, I’ve been thinking about making a change for myself,” Wheaton said. “I was looking for a different challenge, a different adventure. At first, this (job) popped up and I said, ‘No, I have a business.’ But, I thought, I love working in the camera and I love companies, and I have a lot of experience in small businesses running my business in Hartland, so I think this offers a nice perspective. “

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