The Inoculation Project 31/07/2022: Graphs and Earth Sciences

This Houston high school teacher needs some pretty basic supplies: He can’t do algebra without graphing; I can’t make graphs without pencils and graph paper; he can’t squeeze that kind of money out of a teacher’s pocket, and certainly not from students. ‘ Also, I confess I’m pretty excited to see a non-binary teacher in Houston (or anywhere), and I want to make sure he has what she needs. I bet you will too.

This project currently benefits from 2x matching funds from Chevron: Chevron recognizes that supporting racial equity in education is essential. In partnership with DonorsChoose, Chevron seeks to provide students with resources that increase access to STEM opportunities for Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans.


Project: Graphic materials for the mathematicians of Title I

Resources: Help me provide my students with graphic materials so that they have the essential tools to use throughout the school year.

Economic necessity: A School focused on equity; nsoon all students from low-income families.

Position: Elsik High School, Houston, Texas

Total: $ 262.61 (2x matching funds from Chevron)

Still needed: $262.61 $ 172.61 ($ 87 from us)

Teacher comments from Mx. Joy:

My project: My school is located in the Houston International District. My students come from so many different backgrounds and there are so many languages ​​spoken in my classes, especially since I also teach English language students. As a title I school, the vast majority of our students are economically disadvantaged. Many of the students have jobs outside of school to help their families financially. I don’t want my students to worry about buying materials for my class. I want them to focus on what’s important in my class: being a student and being successful in math. The materials I am requesting will help us make graphics and projects throughout the school year. Graphical representation is an important part of Algebra and is covered in almost all chapters. Your assistance in obtaining these materials will help my students by allowing them not to worry about purchasing graphic materials. They will be able to focus on learning.

Donations of ANY size can make a BIG difference!

Knowing how to represent graphically is important!

Knowing what you are doing is also important.

Here is our long-term project, introduced last week by nominees. Nearly half of the required funds will purchase safety glasses for a never-before-funded science classroom that doesn’t have any [aaagh!, says nomandates, and we must agree!]and the remaining funds will purchase things like earth science books and a cross-sectional model of the earth.


Project: Only a few scientists, without resources … Safety first? … Oh boy

Resources: Help me provide my students with the safety equipment and resources they need in a lab, to increase student productivity and generate higher-order thoughts every day in the classroom.

Economic necessity: A School focused on equity; nsoon all students from low-income families.

Position: Mundy’s Mill Middle School, Jonesboro, Georgia

Total: $ 412.12

Still needed: $378.59 $ 313.59

Description of Ms. Monday’s project:

With the first year coming to an end and the next on the horizon. I would like to provide my students with the most accelerated, STEAM-focused and mind-stimulating version of my earth science curriculum. I realized during my first year of teaching, I lack tons of necessary materials and safety resources. How can we conduct the workshops? WITHOUT safety glasses! Some materials and resources required are basic and others related to earth sciences.

The purpose of this project will give me the resources necessary to provide stimulating daily education and meet the needs of all my kinesthetic, visual and auditory students.

Donations of ANY size can make a BIG difference!

When Ms. Monday’s students see their new cross-sectional model of the earth, they’ll start learning some fascinating things about our planet!

(But wait!)

Last week, two of our projects were completed, including one that was in danger of expiring – many thanks to our readers!

Project n. 1, Kamishibai history: Ms. Walker wanted her middle school students in Georgia to use the Japanese narrative tradition kamishibai to dramatize the book The boy who harnessed the wind.

She writes: Thank you all for donating supplies for my science class. I am sure my students will be thrilled to read their books and learn to demonstrate their knowledge using the ancient art of storytelling called Kamishibai.

By combining literature and science, students will not only improve their reading comprehension, but also their knowledge of the content. Also, there will be an art component where they will draw their characters on a large poster, cut out a circle for their faces, and read their script on the back of their poster. Can’t wait to upload the photos.

Finally, without your help this project would not have been possible.

Project n. 2, Technology expert in Pre-K Land: Students at Ms. Searles’ Houston Preschool needed help reading and writing and found a product that combines journals / workbooks with a mobile app that brings animated animal friends into class.

She writes: Lions, tigers and bears, oh my !!
What a learning environment, such high involvement !!

Thank you from our new learning jungle in the land of Pre K.

The thrill of excitement as we work in the classroom with these tech-savvy materials. This experience and interaction with animals in their habitats opened eyes and ears to my young students.
Thanks for all your support!

DonorsChoose developed the designation Equity-focused schools to describe some of them schools presenting projects. They meet two criteria: at least 50% of students are black, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, or multiracial, and at least 50% of students qualify for reduced or free lunch, the standard measure for the school’s financial need . You can read more at the link on their efforts to address long-standing inequity in education.
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Founded in 2009, The vaccination project fights the anti-science and anti-education push in conservative America by funding science, math and literacy projects in the classrooms and libraries of the Red State’s public schools. Our conduit is DonorsChoose, a crowdfunding charity founded in 2000 and highly regarded by both Charity Navigator and Better Business Bureau.

Every Sundaywe focus on helping fund projects in the neighborhood public schools where the vast majority of students come from low-income families. We welcome everyone who supports education in public school – no money required!

Finally, here is our list of successfully funded projects – our series total is 987! The Achievement List Journal also contains links and additional information about DonorsChoose.

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