The best fast food on Thanksgiving is McDonald’s. Here’s Florida’s favorite

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Out with the turkey and stuffing, in with the burger and fries!

A new study from Casino has revealed the most frequented drive-thru lanes on Thanksgiving Day and the motivations behind the culinary shift.

Experts analyzed Google Trends to find the most searched fast food chain by country. They polled 2,000 Americans to uncover the reasons behind their turkey swapping fast food for “finger-lickin’ good.”

Last year, ABC News reported that 84 percent of Americans are turning to other methods to reduce rising Thanksgiving food costs, including takeout and fast food. While turkeys are cheaper this year compared to last November, data from the American Farm Bureau Federation still shows overall food costs are high, especially when it comes to popular holiday side dishes.

Which could lead to another year of takeout and fast food. But is it really cheaper to eat our own? And regardless, which fast food chain are Floridians giving up their typical holiday meals for?

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Which street in Florida do Floridians go to on Thanksgiving?

It’s Bojangles!

Florida residents can’t help but eat the famous Bojangles Chicken and Biscuits, even on a national holiday, according to the survey. The Southeast-based chain specializes in Cajun-spiced fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits.

Georgia also joined Florida in hitting Bojangles on the holiday. On Thanksgiving Day, the chain will be open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m

What’s the top fast food restaurant Americans go to on Thanksgiving?

McDonald’s reigns as America’s No. 1 Thanksgiving takeout, according to 16 states.

Although the Chicago-based chain doesn’t serve turkey or stuffing, replace the mashed potatoes with large fries or a large apple pie with their custom ones. And one Big Mac is enough to satisfy your craving.

On Thanksgiving, hours will vary by location, as most restaurants are independently owned and operated. You will need to call the local store before going to the car park.

What are the best fast food chains to visit on Thanksgiving?

  1. McDonald’s – 16 countries
  2. Wendy – six states
  3. Burger King – five states
  4. KFC – three states
  5. In-N-Out, Bojangles and Popeye – two states
  6. Jack in the box, Wawa, Domino’s, White Castle, Whataburgerand Papa John – one country

Why do people skip the holiday turkey for casual fast food?

Approximately 21.7% of respondents said it was because they were too lazy when it came to cooking a big Thanksgiving meal for their friends and family. Following close behind, another 20.4% said they didn’t have time to prepare a traditional turkey dinner.

Another 17.8% skip the holiday all together, but instead celebrate their love of fast food. 15.8% find it cheaper to buy takeout, while 7.9% think fast food wastes less food. 5.9% have plans to travel during the holidays.

Additionally, 10.5% of respondents came up with “other” reasons, such as “I’m just trying something different this year,” “family will be out of town,” and “we get takeout every year since it’s just the two of us and it’s more relaxing is.”

Is fast food, takeout really cheaper than a Thanksgiving meal?

While the idea of ​​taking your family’s Thanksgiving meal by car may sound easier and cheaper, in some cases it isn’t.

Michael Swanson, an agricultural economist at the Wells Fargo Agri-Food Institute, told USA TODAY that spending on food away from home has increased at a faster rate (about 6%) than food at home from a standard trip to the grocery store (2.4%).

The American Farm Bureau Federation projected the average price of a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people at $64.05 last year, and experts say the price will be similar this year because of the drop in turkey prices.

Publix? Aldi? Walmart? Where, how to get your Thanksgiving meal in Florida for under $50

Bojangles can actually be cheaper, according to their menu. You can win a 20-piece chicken meal for $51.99. Includes 20 pieces of seasoned chicken, 10 made-from-scratch biscuits, 4 sides (mashed potatoes, green beans, rice and beans) and a gallon of tea.

There are even cheaper dinners with fewer items, or you can choose the individual meals instead of the family dinner options.

But what about McDonald’s, how much does a dinner cost for a family of ten? With entrees ranging from $8.99 to $11.89, diners can expect to spend $90 to $120 for their Thanksgiving meal.

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