The Atlanta Community Food Bank is hosting the Thanksgiving Media Meal

Sharon Hurd and her daughter check out their goods at the grocery store. Photo by Noah Washington/The Atlanta Voice

The Atlanta Community Food Bank gathered for its 25th anniversary by hosting the 2023 Thanksgiving Media Meal.

On Monday, Nov. 13, the food bank hosted several media outlets distributing food in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The food distribution was held at the newest food distribution center in Marietta, Georgia.

Kyle Wade, CEO of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, shared insights into the organization’s 25-year journey. Wade, who has devoted 11 years to the food bank, expressed a personal desire to reach out to families facing disasters, citing growing up in Mississippi, Wade thinks of the families he serves in the community as no different than those he grew up, “I was a public school kid going to school with teammates and friends who were facing poverty and food insecurity. What I’ve tried to do in my professional life is dedicate my time to helping people like the kids I grew up with,” Wade said.

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