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The number of data breaches against health care organizations increased by 84% between 2018 and 2021, and the total death toll jumped from 14 million in 2018 to 44.9 million in 2021.

I would recognize that companies that have more technical staff, produce higher results, better growth, better top-line improvements for their organizations than companies with lower technology and their performance was lagging behind.

More and more hospitals and health systems have to contend with cyber attacks. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reported more than 125 electronic data breaches of healthcare organizations in the first four months of 2022 alone. (1) Additionally, the number of data breaches against healthcare organizations has increased by 84% between 2018 and 2021 and the total death toll rose from 14 million in 2018 to 44.9 million in 2021. (2)

Karla Jo Helms, host of the Disruption / Interruption podcast, interviews Todd Bell on how healthcare needs to improve its game in the tech arena. Bell is innovating the healthcare system with technology tools, leadership and a mindset to be agile, fast and responsive to meet challenges.

“I would recognize that companies that have more technical staff, produce higher results, better growth, better higher level improvements for their organizations than companies with lower technology and their performance was lagging behind,” Bell details. “So, this goes back to the mindset of how you hire, how you operate, how you interact with others and so on. It’s not just about great technology, which we all think about. Technology is just one piece of a holistic picture ”.

Todd Bell discusses:

  • The primary ingredient in disrupting health care today are hackers who are driving innovation and systems that risk being breached. To counter this threat, the vulnerabilities underlying technology platforms need to be identified and addressed through leadership and technology.
  • When an IT system fails, it forces an organization to go back to pen and paper, which in turn affects how the business works. This causes colleagues to be inefficient in their jobs and affects revenue. Furthermore, the more technically advanced a company’s employees are, the more things that can be accomplished and the greater the results and the better growth that can be achieved.
  • Today’s status quo is a set and forget it mentality when it comes to technology. On average, healthcare updates its system every 10 years compared to other industries / companies that do every three years.

As a disruptive element, much of what Bell does is identify more efficient technology while addressing supplier shortcomings. “There is a gap between the technologies used by some vendors, outdated systems, versus the prevailing industry standards,” he shares. While many despise vendors, Bell and Valleywise Health see them as business partners who help improve their organization’s game and remain relevant with the latest technology. “The goal is to find cheaper solutions, as well as greater cloud transformation,” she concludes.

Disruption Interruption is the podcast where you’ll hear the biggest disrupters in the industry today. Find out what drove them to make the change and how they overcame opposition to adoption.

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Information about interrupting interruption:

The disruption is happening on an unprecedented scale, impacting all types of industries – MedTech, Finance, IT, eCommerce, shipping and logistics, and more – and COVID has shifted their timelines by a full decade or more. But WHO are these disrupters and when did they say, “IT IS SO! I HAD IT! “? Time to break and break with veteran communications disruptor Karla Jo” KJ “Helms. KJ interviews bad guys who are disrupting their industries and altering economic networks that have become antiquated with Progressive institution. Delves into the secrets of industry rebels and silent revolutionaries who uncover common, not-so-common traits that are changing our economic markets … and our lives. Visit key pioneers of the world who they persist towards success, despite the arrows behind them at

About Karla Jo Helms:

Karla Jo Helms is the Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR (TM) Strategist for JOTO PR Disruptors (TM).

Karla Jo has learned firsthand how ruthless business can be when millions of dollars are at stake and how public scrutiny often determines whether one company is happily chosen or another is brutally rejected. As a student of crisis management, Karla Jo has worked with lawyers, private investigators and the media to help bring goodwill companies back to the public eye: Karla Jo works on the ethics of doing things right. first time, don’t rely on second chances and do what it takes to excel. Helms talks globally about public relations, how the public relations industry has gone astray and how, in the right hands, companies can harness the power of Anti-PR to drive markets and influence market perception.

About Todd Bell:

Todd Bell is the Information Security Officer and the Executive Director of IT Compliance for

Health of the Valley. It brings a broad perspective to the healthcare industry as it strives to solve technology and cybersecurity challenges. Throughout his career, he has focused on transforming the business, building cybersecurity programs from the ground up, and building new business capabilities. Bell is proud that Valleywise Health staff reflect the same degree of different experiences and together they are making great progress for their patients by implementing incremental changes to create a more resilient and secure infrastructure.

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