Spero Health brings addiction relief and lifesaving treatment to thousands in 2022

In 2022, Spero Health expanded with over 25 new community clinics in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, and successfully launched its new virtual care platform, making it one of the largest outpatient addiction treatment organizations in the country with over 95 clinics.

BRENTWOOD, Tennessee, January 5, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spero Health, a national leader that has helped more than 35,000 patients on their journey to stable addiction recovery using an innovative evidence-based integrated care model, released a 2022 organizational summary of the impact their outpatient addiction treatment program has had on communities grappling with the drug epidemic. As part of their commitment to bring high-quality, comprehensive and affordable treatment options to more people in more places, the organization has focused on expanding and improving services to transform treatment options by creating more avenues for people may receive assistance in 2022.

Spero Health offers a community-based approach to treatment so people have quick access to life-saving care close to home while enabling them to stay connected to their communities. In 2022, Spero Health reported more than half a million addiction treatment visits that included a combination of: medical care provided by physicians and nurses, group and individual counseling, and other recovery support assistance. Since the organizations launched 5 years ago, they have expanded to more than 95 communities in 6 states bringing the resources needed to help with the drug epidemic that has plagued the nation in recent years. “The extent of the addiction epidemic is alarming. Drug overdose is currently the leading cause of unintentional death in our country, and millions more suffer from non-lethal substance abuse as drug trends continue to change with fentanyl and l “stimulant use a deadly new threat. Last year we opened 25 new Spero Health clinics with expansion in West Virginia and built the framework to increase access to care for thousands over the next few years. As we celebrate the progress we’ve made in lives changed through recovery, we know there is much work to be done to combat this epidemic, especially as new drug-related threats emerge.Our treatment program continues to evolve as our patients’ needs change said Steve Priest, CEO of Spero Health.

Focusing on Improved Clinical Services in 2022, Spero Health Expanded Hepatitis C Treatment to All Locations, Increased Peer Support Services, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs), and Telehealth Services with New Platform Launch of virtual assistance. Spero Health’s treatment teams incorporated new protocols to address increased fentanyl and stimulant use, as well as completed comprehensive training on refined clinical and operational processes to improve patient engagement. Looking at patient outcomes, the organization has partnered with technology companies to provide digital tools for clinical monitoring to assess patients’ progress in recovery. “Spero Health continues to find innovative ways with new technologies to provide our clinicians with the necessary metrics of patient-reported data, providing us with a better understanding of behaviors that help us further tailor our treatment plans to meet individual needs. We believe that these efforts will help increase compliance and create efficiencies in how our treatment teams deliver care both now and in the future,” Priest said.

In 2022, Spero Health achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82.7 among patients in their outpatient addiction treatment program. This was the second year that the organization achieved a high rating considered “world class” based on global NPS standards. Spero Health was also named a “Top Workplace” in 2022 for the third consecutive year.

About Health Hope

Spero Health, Inc., is an integrated health services organization specializing in local, affordable outpatient care for individuals experiencing substance use disorders with a mission to “Save lives, instill hope and restore relationships.” Spero Health uses an innovative evidence-based integrated care model that combines both physical and behavioral health services under one roof to treat the whole patient. This integrated care model combines medical services (including drug-assisted treatment), behavioral health counseling, recovery support services, medication management, and patient and family education. His community-based approach to treatment allows patients to continue working and caring for their families as they overcome addiction.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and privately held by Heritage Group, Health Velocity Capital, South Central, Inc. and Frist Cressey Ventures, Spero Health operates more than 95 outpatient clinics located in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee and West Virginia. Spero Health is a national leader who has helped more than 35,000 patients on their journey to stable addiction recovery and is in network with Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans.

For more information about Spero Health, visit www.sperohealth.com

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