Revolutionary PARALLEL REALITY ™ technology coming to the Detroit Delta hub

Delta Air Lines, in partnership with Misapplied Sciences, will launch the first ever PARALLEL REALITY beta experience for customers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport starting June 29.

This category-defining technology, debuted for the first time at CES in 2020, it allows up to 100 customers to simultaneously view personalized content tailored to their unique journey on a single digital screen. Customers who join the experience will see personalized information on flight and wayfinding. Each viewer will get a unique and personalized experience, even if they stand alongside dozens of other viewers enjoying their own unique and personalized experiences.

“This technology really has to be seen to be believed. We can’t wait for customers to experience the ease and convenience they can bring to their travels, especially when coupled with the orientation and personalization capabilities of the Fly Delta app“, said Ranjan Goswami, SVP – Customer Experience.” The PARALLEL REALITY experience means that customers no longer have to search for flight and gate information: the personalized travel details offered by the experience are a powerful complement to Delta’s digital tools , the airport innovations we offer we have already implemented and the unrivaled service that our employees provide every day ”.

Customers can find this new technology in Concourse A of the McNamara Terminal, just beyond the security checkpoint. Customers departing from DTW will be able to experience the mind-blowing technology and share their input directly with Delta as the airline tries to understand its effectiveness in the real world before potentially expanding to other airports.

How to experience the exhibition:

  • After passing through security in Detroit, customers will see the PARALLEL REALITY display near the Delta Sky Club (Concourse A, Terminal McNamara).
  • To start the experience:
    • All customers are welcome to interact with the experience. Passengers with tickets can simply scan their boarding pass.
    • Customers enrolled in digital identity through the Fly Delta App can activate facial recognition at the exhibition kiosk.
  • Leveraging multi-view pixels and proprietary technology, the PARALLEL REALITY experience allows each customer to see customized language messages, tailored to them, as they walk past the digital screen.
    • Personalized messages include personalized directions, flight information or boarding time updates.
    • This experience will always be active and customer information will not be stored.

PARALLEL REALITY technology first caught the attention of experts at Hangar, Delta’s innovation center. Delta saw the opportunity to leverage this groundbreaking innovation to transform the airport experience, enabling a personalized, seamless journey as customers move from curb to entrance.

“The spirit of innovation is a driving force at Delta. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate to significantly improve the customer experience,” said Matt Muta, VP – Innovation. “With PARALLEL REALITY technology, we saw the opportunity to transform another aspect of airport travel in a fluid, personalized and completely unexpected way.”

The PARALLEL REALITY experience builds on Delta’s efforts to modernize the field travel experience. In early 2021, Delta partnered with the Transportation Security Administration to introduce the first curb-to-gate digital identity experience in Detroit, enabling customers to use facial recognition technology and passport number and TSA PreCheck subscription. o Global Entry to move throughout the day to travel seamlessly. Digital identity technology has ever since expanded to Atlantaand new state-of-the-art Delta terminals a LAXISM And LGA now it also boasts technology.


Delta’s digital identity experience is expanding in Atlanta, offering customers a more efficient way to get around the airport, without showing a paper boarding pass or physical government ID.

In Detroit, digital identity qualified customers will be able to activate facial recognition as they approach the PARALLEL REALITY screen; the camera will recognize the customer to personalize their information for an even richer experience.

TSA facial recognition


Delta customers in Detroit can use their passport number and TSA PreCheck® or Global Entry subscription as their digital ID.

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