Pyx Health takes a giant step in addressing chronic loneliness with THRIVE Pathway

THRIVE Pathway was designed to break the cycle of chronic loneliness with the understanding that this condition is not just about isolation. When defined as a health disorder, loneliness refers to how individuals feel about the quantity and quality of their social interactions.

The science behind loneliness continues to correlate it with damaging impacts on physical and mental health. It actually rewires the brain and affects a person’s ability to engage and participate in their health. If not addressed, it is a gateway to costly health interventions.

THRIVE significantly combines caring and compassionate human connection with simple technology. This successful formula allows access to self-management tools for positive short- and long-term health outcomes. Address the three dimensions of loneliness: feelings of relational connection, isolation, and collective connection. It does this by targeting thoughts and behaviors associated with perceived social isolation through proven methods of intervention. The first step is to reach out with compassion and understanding to foster a sense of optimism and encourage social connections. Simple technology complements this human commitment.

For users, THRIVE enables them to know, take action and receive positive reinforcement through a dedicated eight-week program that helps them achieve specific goals.

Cindy GiordanoCEO of Pyx Health said, “THRIVE is a tangible and successful solution that reduces the impact of loneliness. By marrying human connection with technology, it is both personal and scalable. And it’s making a difference.”

That difference, as it stood out from the pilot, was a decrease in loneliness. Pyx Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Thomas M. Ball said: “Those participating in the program have achieved improvements in social, emotional and relational connectivity. This is an exciting time for Pyx and, above all, an opportunity to address chronic loneliness and improve the lives of the millions who suffer from it. “.

THRIVE is an excellent option to support often underserved Medicaid and Medicare members. On average, 10% of those who follow these health plans are chronically alone, particularly those with chronic illnesses and struggling with mental health and social determinants of health (SDOH).

Medicaid and Medicare plans can access THRIVE through Pyx Health’s loneliness solution. The program begins with identifying members who are currently or at risk of loneliness through in-app screening and trained Compassionate Support Center (CSCS) staff. Pyx Health’s proprietary risk model therefore prioritizes members in need of urgent intervention. They are invited to start the program and a dedicated CSCS guides the path with weekly Positive Psychology activities. After completion, users can continue to use the app for monitoring and reintroducing health plan wellness programs. Plans can also leverage THRIVE to achieve Triple Aim goals to improve member health and satisfaction, as well as reduce costs.


Pyx Health offers the first loneliness and social isolation technology focused on helping the most vulnerable populations. By combining a digital platform with a Compassionate Support Center and timely human interventions, Pyx Health offers patients and healthcare professionals an innovative and scalable solution that effectively addresses the nation’s critical loneliness epidemic. Pyx Health is based in Tucson, Arizona. More information is available at Because nobody gets better on their own.

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