Pokimane launched Myna Snacks, a healthy snack company for gamers

“The food I ate in 2020 affected my health,” Pokimane shared.

A new food product co-founded by Twitch’s number one streamer boasts that it’s both healthy and delicious, but most importantly, a safer option for gamers who are used to snacking.

Founders Darcy Macken, a 15-year veteran of the CPG industry, and Imane Anis, aka Pokimane, launched Myna Snacks on Monday, a new snack company.

The idea for the company was born when Anys started experiencing health problems due to excessive online streaming and eating junk food during the pandemic. To keep up his energy, Anis resorted to eating large amounts of junk food to entertain his over 6 million subscribers.

“The food I was eating affected my health,” Anis told USA TODAY. “In 2021 I embarked on a healthy journey and realized that there were not many options for good food. If I wanted a snack that tasted good, it would be full of junk. If I found something healthy, it would taste bad,” Anis said.

During a meeting with Macken in January, Annis suggested starting a new snack company that would offer both healthy and tasty options to attract those dissatisfied with current “health food” choices.

Macken was eager to get started immediately and found the perfect flavor for his new brand with the help of production company Connected Ventures.

“Our first snack will be called Midnight Mini Cookies,” Macken shared. “Midnight Mini Cookies are a treat you can enjoy any time of the day, just like coffee.”

Midnight Mini Cookies are the first and only product launched by Myna Snacks, and its name reflects its look and taste.

Consumers can purchase Midnight Mini Cookies online for $28. Those who purchase will receive one box with four pouches inside. Some packages have incentives such as a gift from Anys. Myna plans to evaluate the market for their new product before considering a retail entry in late 2024.

Both Anys and Macken say parents will be happy to know that the Midnight Mini Cookie does not contain unhealthy ingredients found in most products aimed at children.

“It has clear ingredients, it’s gluten-free, and it’s a good source of vitamin D,” shares Anis. “It has so many benefits that it can be both child-requested and parent-approved.”

Business partners say the company’s message is to promote a healthy relationship with snacks. Myna Snacks believes that snacking should make you feel good, be fun and be good for you.

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Who is Pokimane?

Imane Anys, now 27, started creating content online during her senior year of high school. While attending college for chemical engineering, she began to blow up in the streaming world.

“I took some time off from college in the middle of my degree to stream full-time,” shared Anis. “I haven’t looked back since.”

Anys then takes the name Pokimane. She is well known for streaming, gaming and blogging.

According to the Twitch tracker, Anys has 9.3 million followers on Twitch.

“At this point in my career, I’m transitioning from just streaming all the time and diversifying the content I’m doing and starting Myna,” said Anys. “A big career evolution for me.”

Fun fact about Anis: She was born in Morocco, raised in Canada and now lives in Los Angeles.

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Who is Darcy Macken?

Macken began his career at Kellogg as Senior Vice President of Global Sales and worked there for ten years. She then became general manager of Noosa Yogurt, where she remained for four years.

She joined Planterra Foods for three years as its CEO before starting her own business, in which she enjoys being backed by venture capital, meaning her business is partially funded by venture capital, a type of funding that investors provide startups.

“What’s unique about me is being backed by ventures,” Macken shares. “Having that support and freedom that Anise and I have together is what’s different from my past.”

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