Perfect Corp. AI and AR technology now powers Bakel’s new skin diagnostics experience, offering personalized skin care shopping trips

PARIS–(COMMERCIAL LINE). . The cutting-edge tool was presented at Cosmofarma, a popular industry event dedicated to health and beauty.

Pushing the envelope of modern skin care

With the launch of the new AI Skin Analysis solution, consumers are now guided through the product application process, which removes uncertainty and elevates product enjoyment. The Bakel brand stands for clean beauty and the incorporation of cutting-edge innovations. Bakel’s new skincare product, the JALU® 3D with 5 patent protected technology, combines product excellence with state-of-the-art AR shopping experiences to offer a perfect match.

AI skin analysis offers the best skin care shopping experience

The AI ​​skin diagnostics tool uses deep learning technology to provide users with real-time skin analysis, marking the areas that need the most care and attention. Online shoppers can now receive accurate and detailed skin assessments and receive personalized product recommendations tailored to their unique skin problems, right on the Bakel website in the United States. Users simply take a picture of their face and in less than 3 seconds the AI ​​algorithm will identify where to apply the innovative JALU 3D product. Such a revolutionary and in-depth approach will significantly improve consumers’ skin care routines, improving the accuracy of product application and increasing the overall effectiveness of the product.

Cutting-edge beauty technology and innovative skincare products: a Made in Heaven match

“With great enthusiasm we continue to expand our partnerships with European brands, especially in Italy, a mecca of beauty and fashion. We are happy to see our solutions are enthusiastically received by like-minded brands in the region. and focused on innovation. We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Bakel, as I believe their innovative 3D technology and our powerful AI Skin Analysis solution fit together perfectly, “said Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp ..

“A real ‘Digital App’ capable of assessing the condition of one’s skin through a simple selfie, with a specially designed algorithm that identifies areas of the face that may need extra care, that’s great!” said Raffaella Gregoris, founder of Bakel. “Our partnership with Perfect Corp. creates a whole new shopping experience for our customers. Their skincare routine will instantly become more effective thanks to artificial intelligence, which is now an integral part of any shopping journey.”

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About PERFECT Corp.

Perfect Corp. is the leading SaaS AI and AR solution provider for beauty and fashion technology, dedicated to transforming shopping experiences by enabling brands to embrace the first digital world. By partnering with the biggest names in the industry, Perfect Corp.’s suite of business solutions delivers synergistic, technology-driven experiences that facilitate sustainable, ultra-personalized and engaging shopping journeys, as well as equipping brands with the next generation of goods. of consumption. Perfect Corp. offers a complementary suite of mobile apps, including YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, to provide a consumer platform to virtually try new products, perform skin diagnoses, edit photos and share experiences with the YouCam community. For more information, visit


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