Parkland Health Partners with DHA to Launch On-Site Community Health Care for Dallas Public Housing Residents – State of Reform

Parkland Health system, in collaboration with DHA, housing solutions for north Texas (DHA), launched 2 community centers in Dallas earlier this month that provide various on-site in-person services for public housing residents.

Hubs are located at Park Manor and Buckeye Commons. Residents can receive health screenings, virtual medical examinations, community resources, and financial assistance for health care in the immediate vicinity of where they live.

“Parkland’s partnership with DHA through the Assistance and coverage program it helps address health inequalities and delivers important services to the people who need them most, ”said Grace Matthew, an innovation program specialist at Parkland Health.

“Transportation is a great barrier to the low-income people we serve. Being on-site at our community hubs removes a huge barrier for residents. Ultimately, we want to make sure our communities are well looked after. DHA has a long-standing footprint in Dallas County and we are proud to partner with a trusted organization that helps us expand our footprint. “

During a panel on the Medicaid’s role in SDOH funding to the 2022 North Texas Reform State Health Policy Conference last month, Stephen Palmer, general manager of the Austin office of Health Management Associates, spoke about the importance of health systems in North Texas and Medicaid addressing non-medical factors that affect health, such as transportation and accommodation.

“Because if the problem isn’t being able to get to a grocery store, buy food, or even use food stamps, that’s a problem,” Palmer said. “We definitely have food deserts where there are neighborhoods without access to healthy food, such as fresh produce. Being able to identify them and work with community organizations to try to fill some of these gaps may be another more population-wide intervention to address. [SDOH]. “

Panel members cited housing as the social determinant that potentially has the greatest impact on health but remains difficult to address due to the high costs associated with some of the potential solutions.

Parkland Health concluded a Community health needs assessment with Dallas County Health and Human Services in 2019 which determined the areas and populations with the most significant health disparities. The assessment found that large numbers of county residents were uninsured and health literacy was lacking in the community.

In response, Parkland has prioritized health equity by expanding access through strategic partnerships with community organizations such as DHA.

DHA operates 5,000 housing units across 31 properties and operates the Housing Choice Voucher program in North Texas. As the 10th largest public housing authority in the country, the agency offers affordable housing opportunities to more than 55,000 people in the region.

“We are excited about our continued partnership with Parkland Health as we address the needs of our residents,” said Troy Broussard, president and CEO of DHA. “These community health centers in Park Manor and Buckeye provide pathways for our residents to improve their quality of life through vital health services. DHA is a mission-driven organization that believes our communities are stronger when everyone has a chance to thrive. We look forward to continuing our vision to create positive change through collaborations with esteemed partners such as Parkland Health. ”

Parkland’s Financial Assistance Program will promote health ownership among eligible housing applicants and work with them to improve their physical, mental and financial well-being.

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