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He will present OSCODA – The Northeast Academy of Dance (NEAD). Dance saladSaturday and Sunday 11 and 12 June at 7pm at the Mary Anne Bartels Auditorium of the Oscoda High School.

Tickets to the shows cost $ 13 adults, $ 11 seniors, and $ 6 students and are available at the door. The duration of the program is approximately one hour and 10 minutes without interruption. This program is suitable for all ages. For more information about the Academy and its programs, call 739-7955 or visit our website at

NEAD ends its 24th year with Dance salada program that embraces many dance styles and sees the participation of all NEAD students under the direction of Giuseppe Canale and Scott Heinrich.

“Of course, this has been a tough year for the school coming out of COVID – and then back again – and then having so many students out on and off throughout the year, that at times it seemed like it would be impossible to organize one. show together, “Heinrich said. “However, in the past two months the students have regained not only their physical but also their mental health and the ability to concentrate better. It is not just about dancing on stage, but also about what dance can do for your well-being.

Heinrich said the show’s title came to him as he ate a salad and was thinking not just about what the academy directors have been through, but about the kids, their parents, and everyone. He said the show is a “mix” of music and dance styles that he hopes audiences will enjoy.

The first on the program will be Swan Lake Suite. Choreographed by Canale, this is in no way meant to be an entire reinterpretation of the famous ballet, but more a tribute to the general sentiments of the original.

The opera includes body work, duets and solos, and is performed by NEAD’s Int / Adv Ballet and its Level 4 Ballet students with special highlights given to senior Mary Emma Bennett as lead swan Odette.

Bennett graduated from an online academy this year and was also the Academy’s star Nutcracker last December and was offered several training opportunities to continue her dance journey.

The second scheduled is Dance for a summer afternoon which introduces students of level 1, 2 and 3 of the Academy. Choreographed by Heinrich, the students are between the ages of five and nine and show the passages they have worked on throughout the year. The music of the ballet is taken from “La Source” by Leo Delibes.

The next piece is a contemporary work entitled The waves choreography by Heinrich with music by Phillip Glass. As the title suggests, dancers explore one of the most important feelings of dance, that of creating waves. This is a dance that feels almost kaleidoscopic as they move non-stop for six minutes.

Next is a short solo performed by 9-year-old Raven Pittman. In late April, Pittman wanted to enter a contest held in Ann Arbor and she needed a piece for her talent. The work entitled Butterfly scored his second place in the talent side and ended up winning overall in his group!

The last piece of the evening is Sing me another Bobby D! danced to some of the most popular music sung by the legendary Bobby Darin. Choreographed by Heinrich, the work is more like six pieces in one. The only musical exception is a solo piece entered for Bennett by composer Alex Baranowski entitled “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”. Darin titles include

“The Days of Wine and Roses”, “Splish Splash”, “Mack the Knife”, “Beyond the Sea”, Charade (a fun duet with NEAD students Maya Lopez and Hannah Potts) and “I’ve Got Rhythm” with student Lief Maurer. The music is familiar and fun and will see audience members singing and tapping their toes.

The Academy’s intermediate / advanced ballet, modern and jazz students are Mary Emma Bennett, Maya Lopez, Lief Maurer, Lynn Maurer, Hannah Potts and Raven Whitefield.

Their Ballet 2/3, 4 and Jazz Ballet students are Emma Clarke, Lily DeJohn, Emersyn Dembowske, Paige Hall, Delilah Harms, Charlotte Jennings, Lillian Larsen, Eveyln Levshunov, Claire Luttrell, Danica Markey, Kairie Miller, Amelia Miszak, Quest Paige, Raven Pittman, Sage Riggs, Olivia Rowden, Romy Scamazzo, Annabelle Tice, Ellie Webb, Harper Whitefield and Oliva Willas

Their Ballet 1 students are Emma Brown, Tanessa Brown, Eleanor Cata, Ariana Cruz, Madison Luttrell, Celsey Miller, Imogen Miszak, Audrey Neeley and Nora Pompa.

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