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By Karen Nowosad

originally published: 07/29/2022

Photo – K Nowosad shows the fan offered by The Township of Union at their annual summer concert series

I enjoyed my outdoor experience at the Shakespeare Theater of NJ presentation Much ado about nothing so much that I went on to an outdoor concert the following week. Next stop: GSP Exit 141 where the Township of Union Summer Concert Series at Rabkin Park runs until July.

Their shows take place every Thursday in July from 19:30 to 21:00. The concerts are open to the public and free. Bring a blanket or chair and sit back and enjoy some very nice music.

The Rabkin Park field is large and well maintained. Parking and rest rooms are readily available. Compliments go to the staff running the show. They were very helpful and also very friendly.

To see the full list of concerts, visit the Township of Union website and go to their annual summer concert series page. During my visit, on July 14, the band Foreigners Journey featuring Constantine Maroulis played.

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Travel for foreigners – Boston – New Jersey

Union Rocks with Foreigners Journey summer concert series

Foreigners Journey on stage – July 14 at the Township of Union during their annual 2022 summer concert series. Photo – K Nowosad

Originally from Boston, Foreigners Journey covers hit tracks from the bands mentioned in their name. Last year, Constantine Maroulis himself from New Jersey joined the band as a singer / front man. The inclusion of him brings additions to the lineup of his Broadway show, Rock of the Centuryand some other rock classics, as well as some songs he writes.

The lineup for the show in Union included:

“Long, very far from home,” “Who’s crying now, “”urgent,” “Be good to yourself, “”Cold as ice, “”Faithfully, “”Juke Box Hero, “”Everything fights love, “”I want to know where the love is, “”Stoned in love, “”Bohemian Rhapsody,” “However you want it “and”Do not stop Believin”.

Another song on the lineup was the one written by Constantine. The song titled “Once in Your Life” is taken from his latest album, Until I am wanted.

Union Rocks with Foreigners Journey summer concert series

Front Man Constantine Maroulis with foreigners traveling to the Township of Union at their annual summer concert series. Photo – K Nowosad

Crowd appeal

People who attended this show were delighted with a nice evening of entertainment. The 90 minute show was a song festival that people sang and cheered with.

The band members are very good musicians. This includes Joe Pettengill (bass and vocals), Kevin Herrera (guitar and vocals), Adam Tese (saxophone), Art Mambuca (drums) and Paul Kochanski (keyboards and vocals). The sounds produced by this group are authentic to the era from which the music originated. It was obvious to see many in the audience reliving the joys of songs that have meaning connected to something in their lives.

Constantine Maroulis is the front man and he does a great job of making sure the crowd is totally part of the show. Constantine was a favorite when he was an American Idol finalist. One of the reasons for him was his ability to connect with his audience. He continues that practice in his live shows thanks to his bond with the band and with the audience. Constantine further enhances that connection as he steps offstage and walks through the audience as he sings. He is a top notch entertainer to make sure audiences enjoy the show. From what I could see, they did.

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The show ends

The 90 minutes went by very quickly that night. Unions try to close their concerts around 9:00 and so that time has been respected. However, there were still a few of us who stayed for a few minutes to thank the band for a great night and many stayed behind to meet Costantino.

Leaving the Rabkin Park area, I found myself humming the songs I had heard that night. That evening was definitely a nice vacation. The weather worked together as a few days passed before the big heatwave arrived. Yes, it was a perfect way to spend an evening outside in the summer.

More travel shows for foreigners in NJ

Upcoming dates for Constantine Maroulis and Foreigners Journey in New Jersey include:

August 18 – Axelrod PAC, Deal Park

September 24 – Carteret PAC, Carteret

To see a full list of all of the band’s upcoming shows, visit their website.

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