Naomi Osaka, Hyperice and Modern Health come together to improve mental well-being

IRVINE, California – (COMMERCIAL LINE). the Core app is developed by the global workplace mental health platform, Modern Health.

“Our mission is to make excellent mental health care more accessible for people around the world,” commented Alyson Watson, Founder and CEO of Modern Health. “We are delighted to offer one of our meditations created in collaboration between our clinical experts and our Chief Community Health Advocate, Naomi Osaka, to Hyperice users to further this mission and normalize the mental health issue in communities around the world.” .

Naomi, a Hyperice athlete investor and Modern Health’s Chief Community Health Advocate, has a mission to destigmatize mental health and make self-care more accessible to all. “Relax with Naomi” includes Osaka calmly narrating the instructions and inviting meditators to breathe in concert with gentle highs and lows. For those who feel lost or anxious as they listen to otherwise silent meditations between steps, the soothing sounds within Naomi’s tracks serve as a useful anchor. The trick, as Osaka says, is to “just be present with the tones”. In addition to this carefully curated meditation, users are able to increase calm and focus by holding the Core device, which gently pulsates and provides the user with dynamic feedback guidance in tune with the sounds.

“I want to be a voice in helping those who may not be so open when it comes to the topic of mental health,” said Naomi Osaka. “I hope the meditation I have developed in partnership with Modern Health will inspire those starting their own practice as it has helped me so much on my mental health journey. I am thrilled to combine my longtime support of Hyperice with my advocacy role at Modern Health to help make mental health practices more accessible and affordable for all. ”

The release of the “Relax with Naomi” meditation, provided by Modern Health, comes on the heels of Hyperice’s introduction of a one-of-a-kind pilot project, the Mental Wellness Alliance, aimed at creating new pathways to mentally build workplaces. healthy. Through a collaboration with over 100 companies across multiple industries including Equinox, Gatorade, PGA Tour and WHOOP, Hyperice has designed a workplace mental wellness program that collects biometric data through the use of Core during meditation sessions.

Aiming to reach one million participants by 2024, the study is already producing excellent results, with participants increasing their HRV by an average of more than 25 ms during a meditation, while reducing their heart rate by more than 5 bpm. on average during a meditation.

“When we added Core to the Hyperice family in 2021, it was a message to the world that we believed in a holistic approach to wellness through the body and mind,” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “We wanted to be able to provide a tangible tool – something the user can literally feel a physical connection with – to help achieve a better state of mental well-being and awareness. Naomi has been a powerful voice on the subject of mental health,” then having her meditation, co-created with Modern Health, within the Core app further consolidates Hyperice’s mission and commitment to wellness, both mentally and physically.

Based on science and driven by data, Core is designed to help people find calm, improve focus and inner strength. Unlike other meditation apps, Core is both a portable meditation app and device designed to monitor heart rate and stress levels. Powered by the Core app, the specially designed Core Meditation Trainer uses biometrics to encourage breath control and concentration for those navigating meditation techniques. Users can improve their meditation practice from home or office and monitor progress within the Core app. Core is experiencing explosive growth and strong user satisfaction. Highlights include:

  • Adding over 500 new users per month

  • Core users are very engaged and build lasting habits, meditating more than 9 times a month

  • Primary users remain – more than half are retained after week 5

  • Top users love it: 4.9-star review on the App Store

Core Premium app content ($ 69.99 / year) includes thousands of guided meditations, breath training, soundscapes, and athlete content that are updated daily. Currently, all content can be accessed via a Core Premium subscription which users can try for free for two weeks on iPhone or Android. Together, the 12 months of Premium app content can be bundled with the Core Meditation Trainer ($ 179) for $ 199 (save $ 50) at checkout.

Core is now available in-store at all Target locations across the US and available online at Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods. For more information, visit

About Hyperice

Hyperice is a technology-based company with a gigantic mission, to help everyone on Earth move and live better. For over a decade Hyperice has led a global movement at the confluence of recovery and well-being, specializing in percussion (Hypervolt line), dynamic air compression (Normatec line), vibration (Vyper and Hypersphere lines), thermal technology (Venom line), technology mental (Core by Hyperice) and contrast therapy (Hyperice X). Now, as a holistic, high-performance wellness brand, Hyperice is designed for everyone – from the most elite athletes, leagues and teams to consumers around the world looking to unlock the best version of themselves to help them do this. they love, more. Recognized as one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies, Hyperice has applied its technology and know-how to industries such as fitness, hospitality, healthcare, massage, physical therapy, sports performance and workplace wellness on a global scale. Hyperice’s transformative acquisitions of Normatec, RecoverX and Core have helped accelerate its innovation program as it enters its next phase of global growth. For more information, visit the newly redesigned

On modern health

Modern Health is the complete mental health and wellness platform that combines WHO wellness assessment, self-service wellness kits, a global network of certified coaches and licensed therapists, all available in one app. Modern Health allows employers to lead the charge by recognizing that mental health is as important as physical health, destigmatizing the conversation and increasing the accessibility of mental health services for all.

Founded in 2017, Modern Health incorporates evidence-based psychological principles and seamless technology to meet the needs of businesses globally. Headquartered in San Francisco, Modern Health has raised over $ 172 million from Founders Fund, Battery Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Afore Capital, MGV, Frederic Kerrest (co-founder of Okta) and 01 Advisors.

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