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Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to provide high quality care at an affordable price. One such solution involves mobile integrated health (MIH), a patient-centric model conducted outside the confines of a traditional hospital campus that integrates in-person and digital resources.

This emerging care delivery platform, which offers coordination of resources between hospitals, responders, providers and insurance companies, represents the union between health care delivery and the rise of integrated digital care.

While focusing on improvements in community care, MIH aims to help patients get the right care they need in the right place by providing them with needed care and self-care in their own homes.

MIH presents a viable solution, integrating technology and communication tools to help meet this growing need. Effectively implemented, it can provide a deeper level of patient diagnosis and treatment, help contain costs, and improve the overall patient care experience. Additional MIH benefits include:

Reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency room
REs are routinely congested and limited in resources. Preferably, emergency room visits are reserved for serious and urgent, often life-threatening cases that require immediate attention during a crisis. Unfortunately, relationships show that approximately 30 percent of emergency department visits are for common, possibly unnecessary, chronic ailments, adding an estimated $8.3 billion in additional costs to the healthcare industry. Through MIH, patients can receive appropriate evaluation and care in a timely manner at home instead of congested emergency room waiting rooms.

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Hospital admissions are decreasing
Those suffering from chronic conditions or being discharged from a hospital following surgery may benefit from the coordination of care provided through MIH. Services range from follow-up visits to help with prescription fulfillment, or mobile health visits to ensure a smooth transition of care and avoid a return hospital visit.

Protect resources and save time
Healthcare professionals are committed to achieving the best outcomes for their patients, but time is not an unlimited resource. MIH helps streamline emergency medical services by providing EMTs and paramedics with the communication tools they need to make assessments, direct resources and, of course, save lives.

MIH is a model and delivery system that emphasizes teamwork across the healthcare ecosystem. When communication channels are stretched out and disconnected, the patient may suffer from lack of coordination.

But when an integrated healthcare model is used, multiple aspects of patient care they are combined. Points of care that involve referrals to specialists or counseling services, as well as connecting patients to supplemental services such as lab tests and imaging, can be completed without the patient having to enter a healthcare facility. The result is a holistic approach to patient care where less information is lost in translation.

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Applied and implemented over time, MIH solutions can deliver a wide variety of benefits to patients and providers. They can help increase access to routine medical services and check-ins, address behavioral health problems and provide medical professionals with greater flexibility in treating patients. In addition to expanding home health care capabilities, MIH solutions can help reduce the increasing stress on the nation’s emergency services while conserving substantial capital and resources and improving outcomes.

MIH solutions are poised to evolve and play a greater and essential role in supporting community health awareness. From connecting doctors and paramedics during an emergency or reminding a patient with a chronic condition to schedule a virtual appointment, these integrated healthcare solutions lay the groundwork for introducing a new system focused on greater efficiency, lower costs, and a structure that connects , engages and empowers patients to improve their health.

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