Mental health courts may become more common in MS

The success of drug intervention justice programs could offer a glimpse into the future for Mississippi’s nascent mental health justice system, state Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Randolph told a joint legislative committee Tuesday.

Randolph said Mississippi’s drug courts, which themselves have been around for about 20 years, have shown tremendous levels of success in rehabilitating people suffering from addiction without incarcerating them, and the first trials with mental health courts in five jurisdictions have begun to produce similar results.

“From the court’s perspective, we’re all in agreement,” Randolph said. “We want to see them succeed, and they’ll be scaled up. We’re just trying to get a sense of how we can scale up, kind of like we’ve done with the drug intervention courts. See what works, see what fails, and then you make your adjustments.” your changes.Unquestionably, we are committed to expanding usage.

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