Mental health, access among the primary health concerns of patients

A new survey finds that patients seek support for social determinants of health in managing their overall health

BOSTON, October 25, 2022 / PRNewswire / – A new survey of more than 2,000 patients by leading digital therapy company Medisafe shows that receiving support for mental health conditions is the biggest challenge among nearly all patient segments. The survey aimed to gather data on which health problems continue to dominate patients’ lives in a digitally engaged healthcare environment. 51% of patients cited mental health support as their primary need.

In addition to mental health support, patients also noted a number of other concerns. 39% say lack of time and motivation is a major concern in managing their health. Further survey results found that nearly 300 patients say clinical support and medication guidance are a primary need to stay consistent with their medications.

“The results of these surveys demonstrate the complex concerns of modern patients and underscore the need for holistic care and guidance to support better physical and mental health,” he said. Omri Short, CEO and co-founder of Medisafe. “New digital tools can play an important role in addressing mental and physical health by connecting patients to the care they need and helping them achieve better outcomes with their treatment path. Furthermore, this survey concludes that age.” the medicine for everyone is over. Digital solutions are an accessible way to provide patients with personalized access to healthcare. “

The survey also found that elements of health equity are a major concern for patients of various age groups. Patients between the ages of 25 and 34 say that access to support services such as financial support and transportation is most needed; while patients between the ages of 35 and 44 say that lifestyle elements such as nutrition counseling and childcare are their most pressing need. Patients over the age of 55 say their health is negatively impacting their work and retirement plans, more than mental health problems.

The survey results also identified health problems related to race / ethnicity, as well as socioeconomics. Social support (such as family involvement, chat services, etc.) is the main concern for the black community, while accessing support services is the biggest challenge for the Latin community. Middle Eastern patients view affordability as a primary concern for maintaining adequate health, compared to all other groups who rated mental health as their primary concern.

Socioeconomic status has impacted patient needs, and survey results found that rising inflation and spending are creating concerns for patients. Patients with lower income status say access to supportive services is their biggest obstacle to improving health. As a result, they want more guidance (via health coaching) to support their health and medication journey. Higher incomes report better control over their health but continue to struggle with mental health problems.

Medisafe’s survey was conducted within its digital platform between 3 – 23 September, capturing the views of nearly 2,000 patients who use the digital Drug Companion to help manage one or more medications along with a medical condition. The full report and methodology are available at

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