Memora Health partners with Impilo to provide a full-service remote patient monitoring solution

Clinical Intelligence Platform collaborates with Remote Digital Health Device Platform to offer healthcare systems a single and comprehensive remote patient monitoring solution

SAN FRANCISCO, August 30, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Memora Health, the leading technology platform for virtual care delivery and complex care management, today announced a partnership with Impilo, a leading remote digital healthcare device platform that enables healthcare systems to purchase, deploy, support and integrate digital health devices. The partnership allows remote monitoring initiatives to evolve over time, offering device-based and deviceless experiences tailored to the patient’s care plan. This partnership will be available to health systems and care teams nationwide.

The data shows that the amount of patients using remote monitoring devices at least once after discharge falls from 83% in the first week to 46% in the fourth week. To enable healthcare systems to maintain and increase patient engagement, this partnership will provide patients with devices that will enable care teams to customize the type of remote monitoring tool that matches patient needs.

Memora’s SMS-based platform enables healthcare systems and care teams a scalable method to derive significant value from remote patient monitoring initiatives. The partnership specifically improves the signal-to-noise ratio for clinicians, making data actionable through growing concerns that can be configured based on patients’ clinical status, disease progression, and patient-reported information.

“At Impilo, our mission is to enable the use of devices and supplies for complex virtual care and we are excited to partner with Memora to offer a solution to the unique needs of both patients and healthcare systems to simplify complex care pathways.” he has declared Josh Stein, founder and CEO of Impilo. “Our remote patient monitoring solution will allow patients to seamlessly interact with their care teams.”

“In Memora, we are committed to helping care teams support and engage patients inside and outside the hospital walls,” he said. Omar Naji, Commercial Director of Memora Health. “This partnership will enable us to offer healthcare systems access to our digital healthcare platform that meets patient needs and enables patients to stay connected with care teams throughout their care journey, using the tools that work best. for them”.

About Memora Salute

Memora Health helps healthcare organizations digitize and automate care pathways, simplifying navigation for patients and doctors in delivering complex care. Memora Health captures existing data on clinical workflows, converts it into consistent messaging paths that guide patients through their care episodes, and automates the completion of simple follow-up tasks in the EHR. Memora’s platform reduces care team notifications by nearly 40%, has an average patient NPS of over 70, and improves clinical engagement and outcomes across multiple populations. Memora Health is based in San Francisco, California, with customers and team members around the world. For more information on Memora Health, visit

About Impilo

Impilo enables healthcare organizations to initiate and scale operations on connected devices in virtual care. Impilo enables the use of remote monitoring devices, supplies and other sensors through a plug-and-play platform that includes logistics, technology services and API infrastructure to augment your home / virtual care offerings. We incorporate into vendor workflows and enable vendors to get up and running easily with no device maintenance or management fees. Impilo increases the speed of patient activation in RPM programs, as well as the involvement of enrolled patients. Impilo has partnered with various health organizations, including ACOs, medical device companies, community health centers, and digital health companies. For more information, visit

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