Only inflation and housing costs outweighed health care costs as a major challenge

BOSTON, September 8, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The cost of health care, not the COVID-19 pandemic, is now the top health concern for Commonwealth residents. Massachusetts Residents reported that inflation alone and the cost of housing were greater challenges than the cost of health care, according to a new survey commissioned by Blue Cross’s Blue Shield. Massachusetts (“Blue Cross”). The survey, conducted by Beacon Research, also found that the cost of care led to missed or delayed healthcare for nearly half of the Massachusetts residents.

“After two years of intense attention to COVID, cost is again the primary health care problem it faces Massachusetts residents, “he said Chris Anderson, founder and president of Beacon Research. “Consumers firmly believe this is an urgent issue that health plans, the government and hospitals should work to address.”

Key survey findings included:

  • Massachusetts Residents are three times more concerned about the cost of care than quality, access, or the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Healthcare costs are challenging the family finances of nearly two-thirds of MA residents, only dragging the daily pressure of gasoline and food price hikes.
  • 80% of Massachusetts residents believe that it is extremely / extremely important to intervene on the costs of health care.
  • When asked who they think should do more to control health care costs, residents cited health plans (87%), the government (85%) and hospitals (81%).
  • Massachusetts residents are putting off necessary healthcare (42%) and prescriptions (26%) due to costs.
  • The younger and more affluent residents are the most likely to think that care is inaccessible.

“As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, we conducted this survey to better understand what Massachusetts residents believe they are the key priorities in health care, “he said Jay McQuaide, senior vice president and chief communication officer of Blue Cross. “There is a clear call to action in the results of these surveys for those of us in the health sector to do more and take more urgent action to address the unsustainable rise in health care costs.”

Blue Cross is working with others in the health sector to responsibly moderate the growth in health care spending. Among the steps that the company is taking:

  • Collaborate with doctors and hospitals to secure contracts that reflect the serious community concerns about healthcare costs
  • Advance payments based on next generation value
  • Better support members managing chronic conditions
  • Manage pharmacy grocery shopping, the company’s most used perk, to ensure members get high-quality, clinically appropriate prescription drugs

A total of 1,004 Massachusetts adults were interviewed for this survey between the dates of June 14-23, 2022. The survey was conducted using a mixed methodological approach with approximately half of the interviews conducted via live interviewer phone calls and half online. Light weights were used to align sample demographics with actual Massachusetts demographics.

You can find the complete survey results here.

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