Marina Squerciati of Chicago PD explains the health crisis that nearly held her back from her life-changing audition

Marina Squerciati has become a staple of one of the most successful franchises on television as it approaches its tenth season on NBC Chicago PD Her character has been more than once in the last decade, and only in the last few years has she seen her recover from a profound loss, welcome a girl, and build an unconventional family unit (with some ups and downs). while remaining in the intelligence unit. Apparently, however, Squerciati could never have made it to One Chicago if a certain health crisis held her back from her life-changing audition.

The actress’s time in the Chicago area actually began much earlier than when she won the part of Kim Burgess Chicago PDwhile attending Northwestern University for Theater, but it wasn’t all fun and games, as he shared with her Will and graceSean Hayes and Dr. Priyanka Wali in an episode of theirs Hypochondria actor podcast (opens in a new tab). When she was a student at Northwestern, she got so incredibly ill with such a high fever that she had to go to the hospital and her mother was even called.

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