Kroger Health Brand Campaign Advertises “In-Store Care”

Kroger Health’s “World of Care Is In-Store” campaign includes streaming video, radio spots, social media posts, and in-store signage. / Photo courtesy of Kroger Health

Kroger Health, the health services arm of The Kroger Co., has kicked off a new brand campaign that positions the retailer’s supermarkets as widely accessible health and wellness destinations.

Entitled “A World of Care Is In-Store,” the multimedia initiative aims to direct customers to Kroger Co. pharmacies, health clinics and nutritional services through streaming video and radio commercials, social media posts and signage in store, Cincinnati-based Kroger said on Friday. The message to consumers: Affordable healthcare and expert wellness advice is available right from your local grocery store.

“‘A World of Care Is In-Store’ speaks directly to ‘Our purpose to nourish the human spirit,'” Kroger Health President Colleen Lindholz said in a statement, referring to Kroger’s corporate mantra. “Highlight that Kroger Health is no further than our neighborhood grocery store. We sit at the food and pharmacy nexus, which uniquely positions Kroger Health to improve outcomes through streamlined health, wellness and nutrition solutions. Every day, we provide millions of clients with the support they need to thrive, right in their communities.”

Through Kroger Health, Kroger is one of the largest retail pharmacies and health care providers in the nation, with more than 2,250 pharmacies and 226 The Little Clinics in 35 states, serving more than 17 million customers annually. Its team of 24,000 health professionals ranges from pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to nurse practitioners and dieticians.

A 15-second video in the ‘World of Care’ campaign highlights the breadth of affordable access to health and wellness services. The commercial opens with a woman buying fresh produce before the basket breaks in the middle and reveals an in-store pharmacy and approaching apothecary. Next, the visual cuts to a registered dietitian consulting a family online via a laptop and then to the pharmacists at the pharmacy department counter, at which time the woman is handed a full prescription and the scene flashes back to her in the produce department putting the medication in your cart.

“Find a world of 24,000 healthcare professionals, both in-store and online,” says the video’s voiceover. “It’s all here. A world of care is in store,” the segment concludes.

Kroger Health cited the work of its pharmacies and clinics in vaccinating Americans against the COVID-19 virus to highlight the importance of access to the health care it provides. Over the past two years, those teams have administered more than 12 million COVID vaccines in 35 states, which, according to the company, has made it a leader in US vaccinations. Last month, Kroger Health reported that it administered more than 700,000 in-store antibody tests for COVID, distributed more than 3 million COVID tests at the home, and provided free delivery and transportation for customers to receive their vaccines.

In addition to prescriptions, Kroger Co. pharmacies offer medication counseling, drug therapy management, vaccinations, and other services. Small Clinics provide basic care for illnesses and injuries, health exams, preventive care and health management, diagnostic care, vaccinations and wellness visits, among other services. Through registered dietitians in-store or remotely, Kroger Health also offers nutritional counseling, telenutrition services, specialized dietary assistance, and the OptUP nutrition assessment system and ward teaching to help clients make better food choices for you.

“By offering a variety of services, we aim to transform the way quality and comprehensive health care is delivered,” said Marc Watkins, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Kroger Health “This campaign demonstrates Kroger Health’s commitment to ensure that health services are accessible and available to clients where they are.”

Merging the grocery and pharmacy areas of the supermarket has been a long-standing goal of retailers catering to increasingly health-conscious customers. To that end, in April, Kroger Health unveiled research supporting its “Food as Medicine” preventive care approach to guide clients’ health and wellness. The Kroger Health-funded study with the University of Cincinnati, dubbed Supermarket and Web-based Intervention targeting Nutrition (SuperWIN), found that promoting a heart-healthy diet through nutritional advice from a registered dietitian improved the quality diet and reduced cardiovascular risk. Kroger’s Food as Medicine platform is designed to help consumers make smarter, more nutritious food choices to promote overall wellness and help people with chronic health conditions.

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