Kellen Mond overtakes Sean Mannion in the Vikings reserve QB match

After seeing the two reserve Vikings quarterbacks play in theirs opening defeat of the preseason against the Raiders, it is clear that Kellen Mond is better than Sean Mannion, both in terms of current capabilities and future upside. I don’t think that’s an overreaction to a game. The question is no longer what the backup should be, it’s whether or not Mond is ready to fill that role or if the Vikings should be looking out of their building for option no. 2.

Veteran Mannion is a well known asset; he is a secondary level QB with a low floor and low ceiling. He’s a smart guy who has value in meeting rooms and might become a great coach someday, but he doesn’t seem to be a passer-by of NFL caliber. Mannion went 8 for 12 for 79 yards in Las Vegas, had an average target depth of less than five yards, took two sacks, and almost nearly threw a bad interception at a linebacker.

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