Industry-First Male Fertility Platform Posterity Health Raises $7.5M in Oversubscribed Funding Round Led by Distributed Ventures

DENVER–(COMMERCIAL THREAD)–Posterity Health, the only digital male fertility center of excellence offering personalized counseling, educational resources and effective treatments for male fertility, today announced a $7.5 million excess funding round led by the Distributed Ventures early venture capital fund. The funding reinforces the importance of evaluating the male partner when a couple is having difficulty conceiving. The new capital will accelerate the company’s digital health platform and provide access to nationwide male fertility testing and treatment. This expansion was perfectly timed to capitalize on the new male fertility benefits that went into effect on January 1, 2023.

“This funding allows us to take one step closer to achieving our mission of providing access to male fertility care for every couple trying to conceive,” said Pam Pure, CEO of Posterity Health. “Male fertility specialists are scarce resources with approximately 200 fellowship-trained physicians in the country. Also, males prefer assessment and treatment from home. Expanding the Posterity Health network will double the number of reproductive urologists using the platform and provide easy access to in-person care when needed.”

Early data from Posterity Health’s Hormonal Management Study of its patients demonstrates the importance and power of proactive treatment, as well as validation of Posterity Health’s model of care. For example, data revealed that nearly 70 percent of males undergoing hormone management therapy had improved sperm counts.

“There is growing demand for the services and expertise that are unique to Posterity Health, making Distributed Ventures funding a crucial component of our goal to provide support to nascent health technology companies. We are proud to support Posterity’s mission Health to make male fertility care more affordable by ending the stigma surrounding it at an imperative time when these services are in high demand,” said Shawn Ellis, Managing Partner at Distributed Ventures. “By leading an investment in Posterity Health, we are investing in the digital transformation technologies that are crucial to increasing access to innovative and comprehensive healthcare.

Posterity Health is pleased to welcome FCA Venture Partners and WVV Capital, both seasoned digital healthcare investors with the expertise to extend Posterity Health’s position as a leader in male fertility care.

“It was a critical next step for fertility benefit coverage to cover the costs of male care and encourage male assessment. Posterity Health’s signature model enables couples across the country to have access to reproductive urologists who specialize in male fertility identification and treatment,” said Tom Hearn, Partner, FCA Venture Partners. “Integrated Care “As well as the OBGYN support provided by Posterity Health, it promotes early and simultaneous assessment of both partners when a couple is having difficulty conceiving. Posterity Health’s offering will help each couple find the best path to pregnancy.”

Posterity Health provides a full range of male fertility services and provides posterity health care protocols that were developed in partnership with the Medical Advisory Board, made up of the top male fertility leaders in the country, including Dr. Peter Schlegel, James J Colt Professor of Urology at Weill Cornell Medicine, Dr. James Smith, Director of the Center for Men’s Reproductive Health at UCSF and Dr. Stan Honig, Director of Men’s Health at Yale University.

The company’s digital health platform includes virtual visits, in-home diagnostics, and in-person consultations to help evaluate and improve the fertility status of male patients. Services include baseline assessments, sperm conservation, sperm analysis, pregnancy loss counseling, diagnostic tests, vasectomy reversals, and gender affirmation assistance.

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Posterity Health offers an extensive portfolio of technology-enabled male fertility services, including in-home diagnostics, virtual visits, and in-person consultations focused on improving a man’s fertility status. The company seeks to educate, engage and heal men, shifting the burden of conception off the woman alone and creating a unifying experience for the couple.

Posterity Health is committed to making male fertility management a critical part of men’s health. For more information, visit

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