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Malika: When I eat dinner in the Coates Student Center, I always try to find a filling meal because it’s important to me to get through the class day with enough fuel and energy. I try to alternate my options from rice bowls to Asian food options or just some snacks to add to my meal from Mabee Market.

Lobster: I usually stop by the Coates Student Center for lunch between classes. My choice is something pretty quick and somewhat healthy. I usually get a bowl exclusively from ESO Latin on Crave and honestly rarely branch out. I have found Crave bowls to be my favorite option in the Coates Student Center as they are the best value for your money. I rarely go to Singh’s or Ming’s because of the relatively high prices, especially when you add protein.

Crave is a food provider in Coates that offers healthy options such as ESO Latin, Mediterranean Pure Food and Veg 23. Crave is a great option for everyone, but especially for vegans and vegetarians. Being a vegetarian, Crave has healthy and filling options that double as a good meal, and the build-it-yourself option gives a lot of flexibility. My order consists of brown rice or white rice as a base with avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and tomatillo sauce on top. In addition, Mediterranean Pure Food has a delicious falafel sandwich and a falafel bowl option that consists of sourdough bread, falafel, tomato, a type of garlic aioli sauce, lettuce and cucumber. I highly recommend both options for vegetarians. I would rate the ESO Latin American bowl 8/10 and the falafel sandwich 9/10 because the bowl is a bit bland compared to the falafel sandwich which fills me up more. The Latin Bowl and Falafel Sandwiches generally range in price from $8-12.

MING: 8/10
Ming’s is a local San Antonio restaurant that offers a variety of different Asian foods and rotates through Taste of San Antonio every three weeks. Tofu is a great protein option that can provide good nutrition. My favorite dish from Ming’s is the tofu bao buns. They usually come with two buns and two dollops of tofu, cucumber and ginger dressing. I also like to top it off with some soy sauce on the side. I would recommend ordering something else with the tofu rolls as it can sometimes be less filling. I usually get tofu rolls with cilantro lime noodles or grab a KID bar or hummus and bagels from Mabee Market. I would give the tofu rolls a 7/10 because they are a light but healthy option and I love tofu. Tofu rolls are around $8-10.

SINGH: 10/10
Singh’s is a local favorite just off St. Mary’s and is loved by many Trinity students. I was very excited when I heard that Singh’s would be spinning at this year’s Taste of San Antonio at Coates. I really love Vietnamese food and I love going to Singh’s with my friends. My all-time favorite thing to order from Singh’s is the bánh mì sandwich with vegetables, tofu, and a side of chili butter. Bánh mì is made from crusty sourdough bread or baguette, garlic aioli sauce, sauteed vegetables and the protein is fried tofu. I would give this dish a solid 10/10 and highly recommend trying it because it’s super filling and makes me feel resilient after eating it. Bánh mì is usually around $10-13 depending on the meat or vegetable option.

As a San Antonio native, I’ve walked past the Alamo Biscuit Company store countless times without taking the time to go inside. Alamo Biscuit Company is part of the Taste of San Antonio lineup and changes every three weeks. With the new addition of the Alamo Biscuit Company in Coates, I finally got to try this restaurant. To be honest, I’ve only been to the Alamo Biscuit Company a few times this year. I got the brisket benedict, which is a traditional biscuit and egg benedict with brisket on top. Breast Benedict is $9, which is comparable to many prices in the Coates Student Center. Honestly, it doesn’t look the most appetizing, but it’s not the worst thing to come out of the Coates Student Center. Overall I would give this dish an 8/10 as I am not the biggest fan of the traditional American brunch. Unlike Singh’s and Ming’s, Alamo Biscuit Company doesn’t seem to attract as many Trinity students as the other rotating options at Taste of San Antonio.

Melt Lab, a new restaurant in the Coates Student Center that replaces Freshii, is a deli sandwich option that allows students to create their own custom sandwiches or choose from some pre-customized options. Like the Alamo Biscuit Company, I go to Melt Lab pretty infrequently. The few times I’ve gone to Melt Lab, I haven’t necessarily had a bad experience. I made my own sandwich with sourdough bread, provolone cheese, garlic aioli and roast beef. This fully customized sandwich will set you back a whopping $8. Now, this may not sound too absurd, but $8 will just get you two slices of bread, meat and cheese, a relatively inexpensive meal that has been measured in price. I would give Melt Lab an overall 6/10 for the price, especially when there are better options nearby.

Legends Burger Co. offers a variety of unique burger and fries options, replacing the widely loved Taco Taco. I usually get the Legends Burger Co. closer to the afternoon when the other options at Coates are closed and I’m looking for a quick bite to eat on upper campus. I’ll usually get a chicken sandwich ($9) or a classic burger ($8). Legends Burger Co. is decently priced as each burger comes with a side of fries. The chicken sandwich is probably my favorite item on the menu. The only downside to Legends Burger Co., like many Coates restaurants, is that you’re limited in how you can customize your items. For example, many of the burgers at Legends have bacon, and there doesn’t seem to be an option to remove bacon from a sandwich. Overall, I would give Legends a fair 9/10 due to the limited customization.

Although not in the Coates Student Centre, Breakfast and Co. is another of the dining additions, replacing Steak & Shake as the evening option at the new Mabee Market. Breakfast and Co. offers plenty of options, ranging from breakfast items like omelets and French toast to more classic dinner fare like burgers and fries. I usually get breakfast and company if there are no other open options on campus or if I miss Mabee classes. I usually get the loaded fries, which are fries topped with brisket, jalapeños, and BBQ sauce. I’d give the loaded fries a solid 8/10 because they’re a pretty great dinner.

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