Food Blogger reveals her favorite recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers

Already thinking about the rest of the holiday you’ll have the morning after Thanksgiving? There are lots of creative recipes you can use for your leftover Thanksgiving main course and side dishes, said celebrity food blogger Yumna Jawad.

Jawad, who runs the Feel Good Foodie blog, said her favorite recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers is a turkey panini, and it’s made with all the ingredients you’ll already have around after your holiday feast.

“It’s such a classic and easy way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers and feed friends and family who might still be in town the day after Thanksgiving,” said Jawad Newsweek. “I love that it’s incredibly versatile because you can use whatever bread you have on hand, and you can easily pair it with additional Thanksgiving leftovers like salad, stuffing, or mashed potatoes.”

All you need to get started is some bread, your sliced ​​white turkey meat plus some thyme leaves, cranberry sauce and provolone cheese.

Yumna Jawad’s Turkey Panini is a perfect leftover post-Thanksgiving meal.
Yumna Jawad

The recipe

First, you’ll need to heat a panini press or skillet to medium-high heat, Javad said.

Spread some mayonnaise on both sides of your bread and place the sliced ​​turkey breast on one slice. Next you will add the fresh thyme leaves, then the cranberry sauce and finally the provolone cheese.

Next, Javad said to cover the sandwich with the other slice of bread and then transfer the sandwich to the panini press or hot griddle.

Once you press lightly, this will help the entire sandwich stick together. Then Javad said to just cook it until the bread is crispy and golden and the cheese is melted, about 3 to 4 minutes.

Other recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers

If you don’t fancy a classic turkey sandwich in your post-Thanksgiving blues, there are still a few other ways to use your turkey in a creative and flavorful recipe.

Turkey salad sandwich

Jawad also recommended using it for turkey rice soup or a turkey salad sandwich.

“Sandwiches are your best bet if you’re still feeding a crowd because they’re so versatile,” Jawad said. “It’s so easy to throw some turkey and cranberry with some bread and breakfast on top of leftovers.”

Those who have a lot of leftover turkey can still make use of it by storing it in the freezer for turkey rice soup, Javad added.

Turkey soup

Erin Clark, cookbook author and creator of the Well Plated blog, also has a unique turkey soup recipe to share.

“After a big meal, it’s nice to have something that’s on the lighter side but still feels cozy and hearty,” Clarke told Newsweek. “I also love it because if your guests ate more turkey than you expected, it’s an easy way to stretch the leftovers into more servings.”

Clark’s soup recipe comes with plenty of protein, carbs, and vegetables for solid nutritional content.

“This rice version is so delicious, reheats well and is a nice change of pace from typical noodle soups,” Clark said. “This recipe is easy and delicious.”

To get started, you just need to sauté a mixture of vegetables, sauces and garlic together with leftover turkey, stock and rice.

“The rice cooks right in the pot, thickening the soup,” Clark said. “A few handfuls of spinach and a squeeze of lemon at the end give the recipe freshness and pop.”

Thanksgiving on a budget

For those looking for ways to save money this Thanksgiving, there are plenty of other ways than stretching your meal with weeks of leftover turkey.

Turning your Thanksgiving dinner into a meal, for example, can help you save money in the long run. That way, each member of your family will spend roughly the same and bring a different dish for you all to enjoy together.

But if you’re not a cook, many restaurants have offered affordable deals on all your favorite Thanksgiving foods this year.

That includes Popeyes debuting a unique Cajun-style turkey for families to eat with minimal cooking. The turkeys cost $99 and have a special seasoning mixed with paprika, salt, dried onion, dried garlic and paprika.

The turkey comes fully pre-cooked, so buyers just need to defrost, reheat and serve.

Meanwhile, at Boston Market, diners can get a selection of entrees and sides for just $12 per person. Customers have a choice of turkey or ham and sides such as mashed potatoes, stuffing and apple pie.

Restaurant competitor Bob Evans is also offering a full holiday dinner, with prices starting at just $12.49 per person for 10 servings. Turkey or ham is available, and customers can choose sides such as rolls, macaroni and cheese and pumpkin pie.