EPILLO Health will begin the private sale of the EPILLO token from 30 October 2022

Epillo Health Systems OÜ is a company focused on consumer health and fitness solutions. Through the implementation of blockchain technology, IoT, artificial intelligence and Web 3.0, the Epillo group aims to reduce health barriers and provide quality care, increase efficiency and access to care and improve patient satisfaction to redefine healthcare. next era of this industry.

October 30thth 2022, the company will launch an exclusive advance sale of the EPILLO token. This is an opportunity to enter the vast and futuristic Epillo ecosystem and contribute to their future developments.


Epillo Health Token (EPILLO) is the native token of Epillo Health Systems. Developed using the next-generation smart contract standard, ERC-1155, the token will be deployed on the Polygon chain, an ethereum scale-up blockchain. By the end of the year, the company expects the EPILLO token to be available on multiple centralized exchanges. In addition, the token will also be available to Fitmint Wear customers, a new generation wearable device from which users will be able to coin the token as an incentive mechanism to become more physically active. The total supply of the token is limited to 5 billion.


As mentioned above, one of the biggest use cases that the token will have is to incentivize Fitmint Wear users to become more physically active through the gamification of workouts. Through this mechanism, the more calories you burn, the more EPILLO you will generate. However, this is not the only intended use for the token. The token’s goal is to create a sustainable economy by offering multiple utilities across the entire Epillo ecosystem (consumer healthcare, health-tech and digital health, healthy food and drink, and blockchain health and fitness). EPILLO will have multiple uses, including but not limited to:

  • Purchasing and Powering the Web 3.0 Smartwatch.
  • Using global health advice and digital health services.
  • Access to the game in Fitmint Wear.
  • Genes / DNA tests.
  • Health and fitness e-commerce marketplace.
  • Minting of NFT and access to the NFT market.
  • Staking and trading.
  • Redemption against health food offers.
  • Raising medical funds in research projects.
  • Investments in retail health stores.


The first presale of the EPILLO token will begin on November 15, 2022. For this first phase, the company plans to sell 10% of the total supply at a discounted price of $ 0.55, which is a staggering 33% discount from its premium list price. Furthermore, for the benefit of the community and investors, the EPILLO coins 10% of the tokens sold during the private sale will be generated at the token generation event and the rest will have a vesting period of two months and will be released to the wallets 25% each. month following the expiration of this period. The company will start listing on the stock exchange in December 2022 and at the same time the token generation event will take place.

The presale will be allocated as follows:

10% – Development of IoT based on Blockchain and smart wearable devices
15% – Advancement of Blockchain & Health-Tech Research and development, including Tech development on the WIPO patent on blockchain-based drug-food interactions. This includes purchasing AI and ML markers.
30% – Liquidity per listing, commission per trade
20% – Retail health and medical infrastructure [Global expansion]
10% – Supply of health and medical products and services
10% – Marketing
5% – Team Building


The Epillo Health Systems group is an established company in the healthcare industry and is expected to develop further in the fitness industry with the imminent launch of a wearable solution. The token presale represents a unique opportunity for interested investors and members of the health and fitness community to take part in this project. If you’d like to learn more about the company or presale, visit their website: www.epillo.io

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