Doctors recommend marijuana to help with these health problems – eat this, not that

The use of marijuana as a medical treatment is becoming increasingly accepted in mainstream society, and many doctors are recommending its legalization at the federal level. “Used responsibly, marijuana can be a powerful and important tool in a healthy lifestyle,” says Kenneth R. Weinberg, MD. “And it’s a far better alternative to the drug scourges that devour our society. For thousands of years, the many uses of cannabis have been intertwined in societies around the world. There has never been a documented overdose. Meanwhile, a growing body of research shows that cannabis is an effective tool in the safe treatment of ailments that are now being treated with opioids and indeed, it has been shown to help wean patients from narcotics. As a doctor, I have seen these results “. (NOTE: Don’t take any medications or medications unless discussed with your doctor.) According to experts, here are five health issues marijuana can help with. Read on and to ensure your health and that of others, don’t miss these Sure signs you’ve already had COVID.


One of the most common uses of medical marijuana is for pain relief, especially as an alternative to opioids. “The prescription of marijuana drugs has helped my patients to cope safely with a variety of serious diseases such as cancer, AIDS, chronic pain and inflammatory bowel disease,” says Dr. Weinberg.

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Cannabis is very effective in treating nausea and vomiting, according to studies. “Despite growing clinical concerns related to cyclic vomiting or hyperemesis syndrome in cannabis users, almost all users have experienced relief,” says cannabis researcher Sarah Stith, PhD, an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at the University of New Mexico.


Medical marijuana is effective in encouraging appetite, especially in elderly or sick patients. “We all know that cannabis use affects appetite, but until recently we have actually understood very little about how or why,” says Jon Davis, PhD., research fellow in the Washington State Department of Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience. “By studying exposure to cannabis plant matter, the most consumed form, we are finding genetic and physiological events in the body that allow cannabis to activate or deactivate eating behavior. We found that exposure to cannabis caused more frequent and smaller meals. . But there is a delay before it takes effect. “

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An FDA-regulated 2021 study showed that marijuana can help treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “One of the major findings of this study is that veterans with PTSD can use cannabis in self-managed doses, at least in the short term, and not experience myriad side effects or worsening of symptoms,” says Mallory Loflin, co-author of the paper and volunteer assistant professor of psychiatry at UC San Diego School of Medicine.

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“The cannabis plant has been used for centuries as a sleep aid”, says Michael Breus, PhD. “Contemporary scientific research has measured what people have known and experienced since ancient times: cannabis has relaxing and sedative effects. In particular, cannabis makes it easier to fall asleep. A recent study found that cannabis reduces the time it takes. to fall asleep, both for people with sleep problems and people who fall asleep without problems …

Even if you live in a state where cannabis is legal without a prescription, I recommend that you speak to your doctor, as you would before using any sleeping pills or supplements. “

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