Cruz has chosen as the new CEO of BSA Health System

Michael Cruz has been appointed as the new CEO of BSA Health System. He succeeds former CEO Bob Williams, who retired in March.

Cruz has long had positive memories of the way BSA operates, ever since she was young and her father fell ill.

“I never thought I’d have a role like that when I was younger. When I was 13, my dad was on BSA, because he was diagnosed with leukemia and he was really sick. I also remember a long time ago how the staff were. so kind and compassionate, not only to my father, but also to my family, and that left an indelible impression on me. This was one of the reasons why much later in my career, I decided that maybe that it was an opportunity for me, because it wouldn’t be great to be with people who care so much and are compassionate and conscientious in the work they do, “Cruz said.

Williams had 42 years of service in the healthcare system, including 13 in the CEO position. Cruz joined the BSA team in 2003 as vice president of operations, later becoming chief operating officer.

“We will make sure we create an environment that is supportive, inclusive and that people have a sense of belonging to the place they receive care from or work for,” said Cruz.

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