College of Health Solutions study abroad programs resume after the pandemic

October 31, 2022

College of Health Solutions students and faculty went Italy And Greece in June to study abroad for the first time since the pandemic.

After experiencing the stress of the pandemic for the past two years, students and faculty shared how studying abroad last summer made them feel rejuvenated and with unforgettable experiences.

College of Health Solutions students visit Greece during the summer of 2022.
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“Burnout and stress are so high right now and we are all reeling from being in a very anxious state because of COVID,” said Kasondra McCracken, senior lecturer in healthy lifestyles who traveled with students to Greece. “This trip gave the students a chance to practice how it feels to slow down, accept and heal.”

Explore the link between health and the Mediterranean diet

Cristina Shepard, a clinical professor of nutrition and dietary internship director, he traveled for three weeks over the summer with 16 students in Rome and parts of Tuscany and Bologna to study the region’s nutrition, culture and cuisine, focusing on how the consumption of the Mediterranean diet affects health.

“Rome in particular has a unique food heritage, which makes it interesting to learn about the history of the area and how their eating habits and traditions were born,” Shepard said.

Students explored food and nutrition from production to consumption by attending cooking classes and visiting farms and producers of olive oil, wine, cheese and balsamic vinegar. They also participated in guided tours of food markets and other popular tourist destinations.

The students were enrolled in two courses: NTR 348: Cultural aspects of food e NTR 351: Communication on nutrition and health.

“Don’t think,” Fahmy said. “Just do it. Take that trip, spend the money, enjoy life and take the opportunities that are presented to you. Traveling abroad with ASU means having a unique experience that you could never have alone or with a tour guide.

ASU students in Italy

College of Health Solutions students visit Italy as part of their study abroad activities in the summer of 2022. The students studied the effects of the Mediterranean diet.

Unlock Ikaria’s secret to longevity

McCracken joined 10 students in Ikaria, Greece for 16 days to study healthy lifestyles, social connection and longevity on the Greek island designated as Blue Zone – one of the five longevity “hotspots” in the world with the longest-lived inhabitants.

“Many island residents live to be 90 and beyond, and are healthy, free from dementia or other chronic diseases,” McCracken said. “These elders are active in their community and are an important part of the island’s culture.”

Program students enrolled CHS 300: An exploration of well-being with both EXW 302: Fundamentals of Wellbeing: Study on Blue Zones or EXW 400: Stress management for well-being.

Students immersed themselves in the history, traditions, healthy lifestyles and culture of Ikaria by cooking and eating a Mediterranean diet, trekking through the picturesque mountains, taking afternoon siestas and swimming in the crystal clear sea.

Students also had the opportunity to visit a local festival, hot springs, beaches, honey house, yoga / meditation center, and more while experiencing the low-stress, slow-paced, highly social and physically minded lifestyle. active ofThe inhabitants of the island.

ASU students in Greece

Ashley Losacco, a senior at the College of Health Solutions, visits Greece while studying abroad in the summer of 2022.

Ashley Losacco, a senior student studying educational studies with a focus on personal health, said one of her most memorable parts of the trip was learning how to make local dishes using fresh ingredients.

“We had a great lesson from Thea, the owner of a local restaurant, where she taught us how to prepare some local dishes with fresh food from her farm,” Losacco said. “She Was on her farm, under a beautiful, lush canopy with a large farmhouse table and handmade benches, which I felt like I was in a lifestyle magazine.”

For those interested in studying abroad, both programs in Italy and Greece will be offered again in the summer of 2024, with dates to be announced next fall. The questions are not yet available, but students can sign up to be added to the Blue Zones Interest List and the Nutrition, Health and Diet Interest List to be notified when questions open.

Students interested in participating are also encouraged to obtain their passport as soon as possible and apply for scholarships offered by the Global Education Office if they need financial aid.

Story of Mindy Lok, digital content producer, College of Health Solutions.

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