Biden-Harris Administration Launches Window-Shopping for an Affordable and Affordable Healthcare Market

Ahead of the tenth open enrollment period, the Biden-Harris administration announces high levels of accessibility, quality and choice of health plan and a record number of outreach efforts to connect Americans to coverage

The Biden-Harris administration has made expanding access to health insurance and reducing health care costs for American families a top priority and, starting today, consumers can preview their health coverage options. and see the savings available to them in the most competitive market in history. Consumers can now visit to view detailed information on 2023 health insurance plans and pricing offered in their area prior to the 2023 Marketplace open signup period starting November 1, 2022.

Under the Biden-Harris administration, the national uninsured rate has reached an all-time low and more Americans than ever have health insurance through the Marketplace. At the start of the 10th open signup period, the Marketplace is stronger than ever, with continuous record accessibility, fierce competition, and unprecedented outreach efforts.

“Under the leadership of President Biden, the Marketplace is stronger than ever,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. “We are delivering what Americans deserve: high quality healthcare at affordable costs. We have been tireless in our efforts to increase competition, reduce costs, and connect people to coverage. We encourage everyone to visit and find an affordable health plan that best meets their needs. “

“All families are entitled to quality and affordable health coverage. During this open signup period, consumers will have access to a variety of quality plan options at an affordable price. We encourage consumers to visit and their state marketplaces to preview plans and rewards now so they are ready to make selections when open membership begins on November 1st, “said Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, CMS Administrator .

This year, thanks to the law on reducing inflation, more and more people will continue to benefit from aid to purchase quality health coverage. Thirteen million Americans will continue to save an average of $ 800 per year on their health insurance. Four out of five customers will be able to find a plan for $ 10 or less after benefits. Consumers covered by are encouraged to come back and shop to see if another plan better meets their needs at a lower cost.

This year, consumers will also benefit from a highly competitive market and continued access to affordable coverage. According to a new CMS report released today on Marketplace plans available in states for plan year 2023, 92% of subscribers will have access to options from three or more insurance companies when they purchase plans. Additionally, new standardized plan options are available in 2023, offering the same deductibles and cost-sharing for certain benefits and the same out-of-pocket limits as other standardized plan options within the same health plan category. Most of these standardized plan options offer many pre-deductible services, including primary care, generic drugs, preferred brand drugs, urgent care, specialist visits, mental health and substance use outpatient visits, as well as speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy .

Also new this year, families who may not have previously been eligible for tax credits are now eligible for financial assistance – for the first time ever – thanks to the Biden-Harris administration. Earlier this month, the administration finalized a rule that will help an estimated 1 million Americans who are offered employer insurance get coverage or see their coverage become cheaper through the Marketplace. To take advantage of the new policy, families who have previously found employer insurance inaccessible should seek out new savings opportunities on

To help connect people to coverage, the Biden-Harris administration also made the largest investment ever made in the Navigators program. This year’s $ 98.9 million is based on the Administration’s quadrupling of Surfers last year, which contributed to a record 14.5 million people who signed up for health coverage in 2022 through marketplaces. including nearly 6 million people who just got coverage. This continuation of historical funding levels will help Surfers continue their work by informing consumers about the major tax credits and coverage available on

Consumers in states that operate their own Marketplace platform can also sign up for a 2023 Marketplace plan starting November 1. Consumers in these states should visit or call their state’s Marketplace for information on available plans and pricing, how to get in-person or virtual support, and news about local signup events. State Marketplace Subscription Deadlines and other information can be found in the State Marketplace Open Subscription Factsheet.

The Marketplace open membership period on runs from November 1, 2022 to January 15, 2023. Consumers who sign up by midnight December 15, 2022 can get full year coverage starting January 1, 2023.

To view the 2023 Open Marketplace Enrollment Factsheet for more information, please visit:

To view the Plan Year 2023 Qualified Health Plan Choice and awards in States Landscape Report, please visit:

To view health insurance market public use files for plan year 2023, please visit:

To view the plan’s 2023 Year Quality Assessment System public use files, visit: instruments / qualityinitiativesgeninfo / aca-mqi / aca-mqi-landing-page

To see the State Marketplace Open Subscription Factsheet for Plan Year 2023, please visit:

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