Ari Fleischer’s bad publicity tour continues with LIV Golf

With Ari Fleischer on the College Football Playoff’s payroll, the group never has to wait long for his next burst of negative feedback. They have an advertising consultant who specializes in generating negative publicity. Virtually the opposite of what should be desired.

Fleischer’s appearance as a moderator at Tuesday’s Saudi Arabian-backed LIV Golf press conference was just the latest jaw-dropping moment from a guy who never failed to fail while working for CFP. He has also made regular appearances as a political commentator on Fox News, which has created some unease for a university track and field organization trying to remain apolitical. And then there’s pretty much everything he touched on his role as a college football propagandist.

Fleischer was part of the doomed public relations effort to save the Bowl Championship Series and avert a playoff, which should have been enough to free him from any role in the sport’s next iteration, but no. Fleischer remained on board as a consultant for CFP, proving magically malleable on the post-season issue of the sport.

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