Amah Health launches GoFundMe campaign to train primary care workers at free and charity clinics

Chicago, Ill.–(Newsfile Corp. – January 16, 2023) – Amah Health announced the launch of a GoFundMe campaign to support the provision of free education in effective patient communication to 100 primary care physicians and nurses. This lineup is the same as the one whose pilot study results were published at the American Medical Association Health Systems Science Summit. The goal of the campaign is to raise US$36,900, which will be used to fund online courses, coaching and training materials for these healthcare professionals who volunteer at free and charitable clinics, including CommunityHealth. CommunityHealth is the largest free clinic in the United States, providing health care to vulnerable minorities who are uninsured or underinsured.

Medical professionals who treat patients on a daily basis, such as nurses and doctors, are taught the fundamentals of good medical care. Unfortunately, training doesn’t always include how to communicate effectively with patients. Amah Health’s courses fill this gap by assisting healthcare professionals with continuing medical education (CME) on creating a methodical communication approach in order to encourage patients to engage in effective self-care behaviors such as medication adherence, a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

With the help of money raised through the GoFundMe campaign, volunteer doctors and nurses who care for the needs of underprivileged people who visit CommunityHealth clinics will receive this training for free. The GoFundMe campaign will allow members of the general public to donate to the cause and have a beneficial influence on society at large and the overall health of disadvantaged people.

“Many of the vulnerable individuals who turn to free clinics and charities experience various setbacks. Take CommunityHealth for example, many of them are likely experiencing financial hardship, food insecurity and most may not be native English speakers. These are people most in urgent need of medical care and least likely to have the resources or psychosocial readiness to adhere to the guidance provided by doctors and nurses,” says Yi-An Yang, CEO and founder of Amah Health.

Amah Health’s CME courses, videos and digital downloads were created specifically for medical professionals to help them improve their interpersonal skills and maximize their time with patients by promoting healthy behaviors.

In the United States, one in six individuals has a chronic disease. To effectively manage chronic conditions, patients need to take their medications as prescribed, engage in regular physical activity, and eat healthily. Named after the native Taiwanese Yi-an Yang meaning “grandmother” (Amah), the company focuses on educating healthcare professionals to help them interact with patients from various walks of life, including those who come from different backgrounds. different cultures and languages. His work as a certified medical interpreter for patients who speak less English served as the impetus for starting the business.

He noted at work that even with language concordance, patient compliance rates do not necessarily improve, and this echoes longitudinal research published in JAMA Intern Med. That is why he believes in the importance of providing a methodology that goes beyond access linguistic. By applying evidence-based communication methodologies, clinicians will be better able to see individual patients for who they are, regardless of age, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or disability status.

“When people donate to our GoFundMe campaign, they’re helping us spread methodical health communication to those who need all the support they can get.” According to Yi-an Yang, CEO and founder of Amah Health, “It’s part of our modest effort to bridge the huge gap that currently exists between the academic training our healthcare professionals receive and the vagaries of actual practice in the real world.”

About Amah Health

Amah Health specializes in technology-enabled communication training products customized to promote effective patient communication by primary health care professionals. The modules draw on evidence-based behavioral science to influence patients’ health behaviors in the management of chronic conditions.

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