The co-investment from Protein Industries Canada will help accelerate the commercialization of a new product

Protein Industries Canada, New School Foods, Liven Proteins and NuWave Research announcement schedule

Protein Industries Canada, New School Foods, Liven Proteins and NuWave Research to commercialize a whole plant-based salmon muscle that will revolutionize the food market

Toronto, Ontario, Nov. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Protein Industries Canada today announced a new investment in developing new food options for Canadians – their first investment in a project during their second term. The project will see New School Foods, Liven Proteins and NuWave Research combine their expertise to commercialize a whole-muscle cut of plant-based salmon that goes from raw to cooked. The first of its kind to reach the market, the product will offer consumers an experience that offers the same taste and texture as its seafood counterpart.

“Our government is pleased to see the Protein Industries Cluster and its project partners building on the success of this truly Canadian innovative solution,” said the Honorable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “These new technologies will support increased production of a high-quality, plant-based alternative to salmon fillets, expanding the sustainable and nutritious options available to Canadians and helping to meet domestic and global needs.”

The project will invest $11.4 million in research and development to help commercialize the breakthrough product. Protein Industries Canada invested just over $4.5 million, with consortium partners investing the balance. Building on the first project by New School Food and Liven Proteins, which proved the technology needed to formulate a full-fledged, muscle-cut type of product, this project will focus on scaling up the production and sale of a fully commercial market product. finished product.

“Innovation is a continuous process. It’s the continuous improvement of ideas and the generation and stacking of IP to ultimately create a revolutionary product or service,” said Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Grewell. “This project is an example of the Global Innovation Cluster program and the benefits of co-innovation. By building on the IP generated in the first project and by bringing in new partners and their IP, new technology is created leading to a first-in-class, commercial, first-to-market product.”

New School Foods will use its newly developed manufacturing technology to create a whole plant-based salmon fillet that goes from raw to cooked. Liven creates animal-free proteins through precision fermentation that will provide functional and nutritional benefits to this and other plant-based products. While NuWave Research is contributing by developing and validating new manufacturing techniques for their core vacuum microwave technology that will accelerate the production of New School Foods and others.

“Based on the success of our previous project, which delivered the world’s first whole sliced ​​seafood alternative that looks, cooks, tastes and flakes like salmon, we are excited about this new project to bring this product to market said Chris Bryson, founder and CEO of New School Foods. “In addition to optimizing our new food processing technology with the support of our consortium partners, we will build our own production line, providing a competitive advantage to fine-tune product quality and optimize costs so that we can create an alternative plant-based, intended for the general public.”

“NuWave is excited to support Canadian innovation alongside our partners at Protein Industries Canada. Using our proprietary vacuum microwave technology, our team will help New School Foods bring their product to the next stage of commercialization,” said Greg Stromotich, CEO of NuWave Research Inc.

Protein Industries Canada is one of Canada’s five global innovation clusters. Since 2018, Protein Industries Canada and the industry have invested nearly half a billion dollars in innovation related to food, feed and plant-based ingredients. Protein Industries Canada was renewed by the federal government in February 2023, receiving an additional $150 million in funding. This is the first technology project announcement made under the new funding.

About the new school meals

Founded in 2020 and based in Toronto, Canada, New School Foods Inc. develops fully cut plant-based seafood that emulates the same texture, flavor, nutritional benefits and cooking experience of conventional seafood.

About Liven proteins

Liven is a precision fermentation company offering novel functional protein ingredients that can be used by the plant-based food industry to improve the sensory properties of food formulations. They produce non-animal protein ingredients with identical textures and functional properties to animal proteins. Liven’s protein ingredients are produced by fermentation of agro-food by-products, creating a circular economy.

About NuWave Research Inc.

NuWave Research, Inc. is an innovative technology company that manufactures industrial microwave equipment. NuWave’s patented Vacuum Microwave Dehydration (VMD) technology enables fast, precise low-temperature drying solutions that bypass the conventional compromise in quality and speed of traditional methods. NuWave’s technology provides food processing and manufacturing companies with new ways to address the world’s food challenges. NuWave technology also has non-food industrial applications where high performance and low energy cost solutions are required. For more information, please visit nuwaveresearch.com.


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