A new Greek restaurant is bringing Karageorgi’s food back to Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — Lantern Point Taverna is meant to be a place where family and Fairfield meet, and that’s especially true for its owner, Jimmy Karageorge.

Karageorge and his siblings practically grew up in the restaurant industry — their father immigrated from Greece in the 1950s and bought a hot dog stand in downtown Bridgeport before opening a diner in Hamden with his brother in 1972 . Making takeout boxes for customers and napping in the car while their parents ran their business nearby formed a new generation of restaurateurs in the family, leading to Jimmy Karageorge, who recently opened Lantern Point Taverna in Fairfield.

“It’s all about making the family proud,” Karageorge said.

The opening of Lantern Point Tavern marks the long-awaited return of Karageorge’s Greek cuisine to Fairfield after the 2006 closing of Europa, a Greek restaurant that Jimmy’s brother John owned for about 25 years. Karageorge, who worked in Europe as a chef and is now a real estate agent in the area, has already opened two Shelton restaurants with Black Forest and Captain’s Pizza, and said he never planned to open another in Fairfield until people in town started talking.

“I was born, raised and raised in Fairfield,” he said. “I always get stopped and people say, ‘When are you going to open another restaurant?’ and I always laugh. I was like, ‘Never.'”

“Never say never,” echoed his sister, Konstantina Karageorghe, who helps out at the family restaurant.

“Never say never,” he repeated.

Local interest in Greek food and the Greek cuisine space in downtown Fairfield, which has a dense concentration of Italian restaurants, was all Jimmy Karageorge had to convince to bring Lantern Point Taverna to Post Road.

“You can expect great home-cooked meals here,” he said. “It’s something different that’s not included Postal route.”

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