3 tech proposition tips to help you close

Nothing happens until something is sold. So how do you increase your efficiency in the sales process? Let me share with you three ideas that I have seen very successful salespeople use for their sales pitches.

1. Qualify and ask questions that help the prospect visualize they already appreciate your solution

When you first encounter an opportunity, it is not known whether or not the suspect wants what you have to offer or if you can provide them with a solution for what they want. Qualifying the suspect will help convert him from suspect to potential customer.

Prepare yourself with qualifying questions that will lead the prospect to choose one of your solutions. For example, they could build a new 10,000-square-foot home. In your new home, your master bedroom is on the first floor. It was probably chosen to limit the fact that you have to go up and down stairs. It’s correct?

Prospect Response: Yes. It would be beneficial for you to be able to press a button or say a command such as “Goodnight” to turn off all the lights in the house including those on the second floor without having to go up the stairs to make sure no lights have been left. ? Prospect Response: Yes, that would be great.

You have accomplished three things in this question. You have established their interest in lighting control or systems integration. You have them visualize life in their new home using your solution and have just finished your first trial. You’re getting them used to saying, ‘yes.

2. Use video in your technology sales proposition to tell your WHY story

People buy from people they love. A mistake many salespeople make is not taking the appropriate time to sell themselves and their company.

They focus too much on the product or brand to close the sale. There is an old adage: sell yourself, your company, then your product. I prefer a slight modification of that saying, sell yourself, your business and the benefit of your solution to the customer. Develop your story of who you are and why you do what you do. Explain your company’s mission and why it’s best after sliced ​​bread for your customers.

Tom Coffin, president and CEO of Simply Reliable, says the days of “custom installation” are over … now it’s “systems integration”.

The power of video cannot be underestimated. As part of the proposal process, record it in a one- or two-minute video. When using a modern proposal tool, you can add this video before the scope of work and body (product and service details).

This video can be from the seller or the business owner. It can be a standard video for all potential clients or for large projects, you can choose to record an additional ending of the video describing how their specific home will work with your installed solution. This can help personalize the prospect’s experience and help them get to know you better.

3. Use the prescription sales method and provide a technological solution. Providing many options delays decisions. That’s what change orders are for. Close the sale

When you go to the doctor, they ask you questions and run tests to diagnose your problem and recommend a solution. Prescription selling is based on the same methodology.

During the qualification, you are gathering facts, uncovering weaknesses and developing a budget. Upon completion of the qualification, the vendor will take care of the task of creating a proposal that meets the needs and wishes of potential customers and fits into the agreed budget range.

The days of the “custom install” task are over. The industry has grown to become the “systems integration” business. The most successful integrators choose a limited set of brands they know to work well together, provide a good headroom, and solve their design needs. This is scalable and repeatable.

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Some supplements offer many options that the prospect can choose from. Does the doctor do it? Generally no. They typically say there is a prescription here or we will recommend that specific surgery be performed. After all, they are the experts, right? Well, you too.

You are a professional and you know best which solution is right for the project. Make your recommendation and close the sale. You can always update and provide additional choices after the initial contract is signed and the deposit is accepted. That’s what change orders are for.

Tom Coffin is President and CEO of Simply Reliable.

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