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FSM State of the Union Address

FSM State of the Union Address

From the desk of the Class President:

Esteemed friends and colleagues,

It is my distinct pleasure as Class President to deliver the annual Feinberg State of the Union Address, honoring the age-old FSM 3.0 tradition of doing so via an online newspaper. I consider this an opportunity to evaluate how my administration has done so far in addressing your needs as well as an opportunity to fill you in on what’s in store for our class moving forward.

In case you used all four of your personal days during my tenure as President and therefore missed all of it, here are a few highlights of what we’ve accomplished so far.

Under my Presidency, I successfully kept the books out of our libraries. Your privilege, nay right, to spy on your classmates through the bookshelves and wonder if what they are studying is maybe something you should also be studying. I also participated in what was only the second worst rollout in the country this year: the Summative Portfolio (thanks healthcare.gov!). And most importantly, I saw at least 50% of the class complete Step 1. While this may be 50% less than any other class in the history of Feinberg entering M3 year, it’s also infinitely more than the number of students who completed Step 1 during my predecessor’s regime. Think about it.

While all of this has been great, I can confidently say things are only looking up for the class of 2016. I’ve been able to reach across the DHW aisle and create the following new policies for our M3 year.

Starting immediately, the no laptop policy from SAM V will now apply to life in general. You’ll thank me when you realize this means you never have to cope with NMH Guest Wi-Fi again. Additionally, the system of underlining, bolding, and highlighting from our weekly CEC emails that conditioned us to ignore 95% of any email from AWOME will now be incorporated into Powerchart to help us adjust to life on the wards. And finally, it is now required that all oral presentations during the Ob/Gyn rotation are delivered in the voice of Bane because we’ve finally found something we’re pretty sure Dr. Garcia likes.

In summary, I believe the state of our union is strong. I hope you are satisfied with your Feinberg experience thus far and are as excited as I am for our bright future together. May you fully enjoy the upcoming year and may the sparkle in your pretending-to-be-excited-about-everything M3 eye always be in the shape of the Feinberg competency compass.

God bless you, and God bless the Feinberg School of Medicine.

With love,


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Thoughtful Reflection on Student’s Failure to Pass Step 1 Rescues Borderline Summative Portfolio 

Thoughtful Reflection on Student’s Failure to Pass Step 1 Rescues Borderline Summative Portfolio 

CHICAGO – Prospective MS3 Rick George submitted his Summative Portfolio Review in February despite encouragement from his college mentor to flesh-out several embryonic competency reflections.

“At that time, it reeked of insouciance,” says his college mentor, under conditions of anonymity.

More recently, George earned a board exam score in the upper two-digits.

“Sub-par,” says George. “It probably takes a few things off the table. But I’m making lemonade.”

After obtaining his results, George produced a 10,000-word reflection on the trying experience of preparing sub-optimally for an exam only to receive a score that will disappoint prospective evaluators – sure – but is a disappointment to himself most of all.

“I wrote it in crayon,” notes George, “first the black crayon, and then the darkest blue in the whole box after the black crayon ran out.”

After completing the reflection, George “tagged” a PDF version of the document to his summative portfolio.

“George really likes ‘tagging,’ which we encourage,” notes summative portfolio review reviewer Dr. Kligaine. “Rick’s placement of the document in the ‘Community Engagement’ competency section was eccentric, but I suppose the notion that the eight competencies of the competency compass are distinct in the manner of cardinal directions is probably one worth challenging.”

The last-minute amendment provided a marked boost to the quality of George’s summative reflections. Prior to the addition of his thoughtful exposition concerning what he learned from being an instrument of profound unlearnedness, George’s portfolio was populated largely by “tags” linking to YouTube pages displaying 1990s hip-hop videos, as well as to George’s curated Pinterest boards dedicated to fast food sandwiches and depictions of Peaches from Mario Cart in various states of undress.

Reviewers of the portfolio were uniformly impressed by George’s thoughtful insight.

“I thought his reflection displayed thoughtful insight,” said one. “I liked the use of ‘tagging’ to display thoughtful insights,” opined a second. The work is likely to earn George promotion.

“Look, sometimes things don’t go your way. So you find a way to turn your misfortune into something positive. It’s like with the story my society’s namesake, Stanley Ricketts, who contracted Ricketts only to then discover H. Pylori.”

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Baby Steps: Practice USMLE Question

Baby Steps: Practice USMLE Question

A 32-year-old immigrant from Bulgaria who is not a female presents to your office with a cough. He claims that the cough came on suddenly over a period of 2 months. He has a history of diabetes, CHF, Diphyllobothrium latum infection, and histrionic personality disorder. As a child he was employed at a battery factory, but he currently works on a goat farm. Vital signs are as follows: HR 98 bpm, RR 22, BP 135/80, Phosphorus 2.5 mg/dL. How many codons are in the gene that codes for the exotoxin of the most common bacteria transmitted via rhinoceros saliva?

a) 5

b) 6.022 x 10^23

c) 1

d) 125

e) Lupus


Answer: e

Explanation: It’s always lupus.

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Students Disappointed by Lack of Non-SM Material on Step 1

Students Disappointed by Lack of Non-SM Material on Step 1

CHICAGO – The class of 2016 returned to campus this week excited for Phase 2, but many remain flustered from Step 1 and its vigorous preparation. There also seems to be residual confusion regarding the content of the exam.

“I was expecting Step 1 to be very different,” Alan Smith, a rising M3, told Flipside reporters. “I thought it was more difficult than all the practice questions I did. There was one question that was straight out of UWorld, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I needed to know. At the end of that section, I was ready for a writing section to appear so I could formulate a learning plan and explain my below benchmark rating for that question. I was kind of surprised I didn’t get that opportunity.”

It turns out that Step 1 doesn’t follow a competency based review and evaluation system like our own curriculum. It also turns out that certain aspects of our curriculum weren’t tested on at all, even though they comprised a significant portion of our in house exams.

One member of the class of 2016 says she outlined her boards studying around FSM 3.o.

“[…] I even studied HQPS. I had that confusing lecture about hopping over a fence to avoid gang violence all figured out. Not a single question about that or the risks involved in taking my younger brother to school.”

Feinberg students historically do well on boards, but it’s unfortunate that Step 1 doesn’t contain more of the non-SM work and busy work that we’re used to. If it did, our class average would be well into the 260’s.

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<em>Flipside</em> Returns From Lengthy Hiatus: We thought STEP 1 was after M1 year

Flipside Returns From Lengthy Hiatus: We thought STEP 1 was after M1 year

FLIPSIDE HEADQUARTERS – Well, this is embarrassing. It seems that there has been a bit of a mix up of sorts. We here at The Flipside have been, well, studying for boards. That’s kind of why we haven’t been generating much content lately. Oops.

You see, we took the whole STEP 1 thing a bit too literally. We thought it was the first step because it was after the first year. We see now that that does not make any sense. We apologize for letting a lot of rather strange Feinberg events pass through our all seeing and all knowing filter. I mean, think about it. This new media site stuff? Lectures in the law building without sending us an email? Lack of preparation for anatomy lab? The entire Head and Neck schedule? Crazy, right?

Again, that’s our bad folks. We’re on it now. To be honest though, it’s getting really easy to satirize what goes on around here. It’s as if it just falls into our lap or something.

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Area Student to Answer “D” on Step1 Question About Kreb’s Cycle

Area Student to Answer “D” on Step1 Question About Kreb’s Cycle

CHICAGO – Ecstatic Feinberg student Stephen Johnson cannot wait to “totally nail that question on the Kreb’s Cycle when Step1 rolls around.”  Johnson is of course referring to the “totally kick ass” review of Foundations Exam I offered to students this year, in which every difficult concept presented in class was boiled down to a single letter:  A-E.

“I mean, where was this during lecture? I’m struggling to keep my head above water.  TCA, organelles, cell cycle, birth defects and then BOOM, it all becomes so simple.  Autosomal dominant inheritance = B.  Presenting symptoms of Turner Syndrome = B, C and sometimes A.  Even something difficult like the branching patterns of spinal nerves = A+C to D, then E.  I’m set! No Kaplan needed.”

In lieu of vigorously studying for Step1, Stephen informed Flipside reporters that his “Xbox won’t know what hit it.  His liver, too.”  While the efficacy of this new approach to prepare students for boards is yet to be seen, one thing remains certain:  Educators are continuing to push the envelope of medical training.

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Gunner’s Corner 1

Gunner’s Corner 1

The friendly advice column from everyone’s favorite member of their medical school class.


Dear Gunner,

I’ve been studying like crazy for the Step 1 exam, and I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t stuff anything else in my head. Anything I study now just doesn’t seem to “stick.” What can I do?

-Stuffed-up Susan


Dear Stuffed-up Susan,

You sound stressed. I cannot relate, but I have read about “Stress” in our psych text. I suggest taking a break from Step 1 studying, and instead study for your Step 2. It will be a nice change of pace.



Dear Gunner,

I’m having trouble balancing my personal life with my medical school commitments? I find myself neglecting my boyfriend, my friends back home, even my dog. How can I keep the important people (and pets) in my life happy while keeping up with my studies?

-Stressed-out Sara


Dear Stressed-out Sara,

What is this ‘personal’ life you speak of?



Dear Gunner,

I think my boyfriend back home may be cheating on me. What should I do?

-Suspecful Sally


Dear Suspectful Sally,



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